Micaela and Davide Papasidero launch an intimate and slow cover of “Santa tell me” by Ariana Grande for Christmas

One of the best known modern songs of the Christmas period, Santa Tell me, comes back to life in a version made by Micaela e Davide Papasidero.

Both artists have a long and rich curriculum of experience …

Micaela is known to have participated at the age of 15 in I leave you a song and, at 17, among the New proposals of Sanremo Festival. An album follows, Fire and ash, several singles including Stunning stupid written by Kekko Silvestre of the Fashion e 3 times nothing.

In 2019 he participates in The Voice of Italy to then publish, in December 2020, the Christmas song The important thing is Christmas, and in February 2021 Good morning love.

Davide Papasidero collects many experiences from a very young age … from Gospel choirs to cartoon dubbing to move on to the final of Area Sanremo.

In 2011 he participates in X Factor therefore fixed presence of the cast in the program Good morning sky broadcast on Sky and, in 2013, an important collaboration with theUNICEF which sees him as the author and artistic director of the competition Little stars sing, in favor of the “We want zero“, Against infant mortality in the world.

With Don’t turn around anymore wins the 56th edition of Castrocaro Festival followed by the single electro-pop Now or never.

In the summer of 2015 he flies to the UK where he participates in the selections for the talent show The X Factor. From the initial 90,000 competitors he arrives among the 12 finalist artists and, by a whisker, does not become part of the live shows.

In the meantime he became a singing teacher, earning several diplomas in Italy and London and a degree (LLCM) in “Singing teaching” at the “West London University” in London.

It is part of the wall of All Together Now, he writes Let’s face it per Valerio Scanu and opens his own music school in Rome, Papasidero Dream Factory. On May 21, 2021 he publishes his new song I could have been sexy.


The two artists have published on social media, and in particular on TikTok dove Davide has a large following (Who the launch video of the song), a perfect tribute to the song Santa Tell Me, song recorded in 2014 by the international postar Ariana Grande, revised in an intimate and ‘slow’ key thanks to the arrangement that bears the signature of Nicco Verrienti.

Here’s how the boys comment on this new adventure …


We are happy to be able to share our little project on our social profiles. The day I met Davide I immediately thought of making a Christmas song with him.

Last year we spent a strange Christmas, away from the people we care about, but we hope this year will be different. In our own small way we hope that our voices can accompany the Christmas holidays of the many people who follow us

Davide Papasidero

This duet was born like this by magic. I have always followed Micaela as an artist, so much so that I often assign her songs to my students. Thanks to mutual friends, this human and artistic collaboration was born, as well as a beautiful harmony!

Our tribute was born with the idea of ​​simply bringing a bit of the classic serenity and magic of Christmas with that touch of melancholy that only this time of year can bring out.

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Micaela and Davide Papasidero launch an intimate and slow cover of “Santa tell me” by Ariana Grande for Christmas

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