Men and women, the knight Louis unmasked. Maria De Filippi infuriated: “You lie”

Storm in the study of Men and Women. The ambiguous behavior of the suitor of the throne over, Luigi, has been unmasked from the editorial staff. The whole is started when Luigi found himself at the study center with Marika, with whom he has one liaison, former acquaintance of the suitor Neapolitan Armando Incarnato. Thus, it turned out that the Knight, for some time, accept i numbers from phone of some ladies, without possessions ever used. Among the many, Luigi declared that he had Letizia’s number, mother by Roberta Giusti (former tronist of the classical throne) but the reason why he had requested it was not clear. There donna has been in the program for a few weeks but, according to Luigi, it was she, first, a request His number.

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Since Roberta’s mom wasn’t in the studio, she wasn’t possible clarify immediately. Therefore, De Filippi has decided to do to intervene the editorial board, in particular Lucia who, having entered the studio, has revealed in detail what Luigi has done in recent weeks.

The knight of the Throne Over, a few episodes ago, let the editorial staff know that he found Letizia (Roberta’s mother) a beautiful woman. By chance, the lady asked for Luigi’s number. At this point, the editorial board the knight called, asking him if he wanted to accept Letizia’s number or not. Well, Luigi accepted. And it was he who called Roberta’s mother and not the other way around, as she has declared in episode. Marika, meanwhile, knew that it had been Letizia a call him and that he had expressly told the editors that he would not want to know no other. But in reality it didn’t happen that way. The latter made it known that Luigi gave the ok to bring down others dame ready to know him: «We have you asked: ‘If they call for to meet you, can we make them come? ‘ You said to Yes“. The hostess intervened again and specified that the editorial board does this kind of requests why, in case you didn’t intention to start new acquaintances, it would be useless to organize the arrival of new ones dame or new knights. But Luigi did intend of never having been interested to Letizia. The fact that he has it anyway call, after accepting the number, and that he lied to Maria, put him in quite a situation uncomfortable.

Luigi then continued, doing understand that had been forced by editorial board to accept Letizia’s number and to call her. But it didn’t happen that way. Lucia from the editorial staff explained that it is usually when you receive a number, by regulation, you should then start a conversation. And here De Filippi intervened who, furious, showed his disapproval: «You answer a question with one lie! You are playing hide and seek for hours and it bores me to death. ‘

Marika, on the other hand, hinted that she understood something by talking to Luigi: hers purpose would be to always keep engaged with some ladies in order to stay in the program.

Faced with accusations, including from the conductor, Luigi is not broken down more than that, indeed he went back to his seat. At this point, De Filippi asked Lucia not to do report plus Luigi with the editorial team and to do it with the presence of witnesses: «So we avoid a slaughterhouse “.

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Men and women, the knight Louis unmasked. Maria De Filippi infuriated: “You lie”

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