Mayors Gualtieri and Sala write their greetings to the citizens of Rome and Milan in Leggo READ THE LETTERS

The mayors of Rome Roberto Gualtieri and of Milan Beppe Sala have chosen Leggo, the free press of the royal country, to wish their fellow citizens their best wishes.

“All together we will make Rome grandly normal”

Roberto Gualtieri *

Dear fellow citizens and fellow citizens, I am happy to be able to address you from the pages of Leggo to offer you my warmest wishes for the coming Christmas. Serenity is the word that I hope will accompany each of you in these days of celebration. We need it, above all to encourage hope, without which it is more difficult to look to our future. 2021 was also a difficult year: vaccines have given us glimmers of light but the period is still complicated as the difficulties we encounter in definitively defeating this cursed pandemic are unfortunately showing. Whenever final victory seems to be within reach, a new obstacle appears to prevent us from fully returning to normalcy. We just have to continue in the effort to find the strength and energy necessary for us and for our families and loved ones, so that reality is less harsh than this continuous emergency requires us. In this – and I don’t think I’m exaggerating – the Romans were (and are) commendable for their ability to always face restrictions with a great sense of responsibility. I emphasize this aspect with pride, because once again Rome has brought out its innate sense of community with a full and mature awareness of the necessary sacrifices. I want to thank you for this, also on behalf of all the people who are called with me today to administer Rome: knowing that I have such strong and responsible fellow citizens at my side is a great comfort. We will always need your support because only by being united with participation and sharing will we be able to overcome problems, change things and look to the future with confidence. Our ambition is to go far, to go all together without leaving anyone behind to make our city increasingly supportive, welcoming, attractive, innovative. A city where you can experience special emotions but also a place where it is easier to live. The days of the holidays are wonderful, because we meet with family and friends; experiences and desires are told. We go back to dreaming and making good intentions. Here, this Christmas we make good resolutions for our city as well. We recall, for example, that the Tree in Piazza Venezia was also born with the intention of bringing people closer to the UN objectives for sustainability. Let’s get to know them, to understand how even our small daily actions can contribute to making a city better, more liveable for everyone. We are doing our best. And that’s not a way of saying. It is the desire to make Rome go back to being a “grandiose normal” city. We need this: it should be normal and great at the same time. The relentless efforts to get Rome back to being a cleaner city with fewer holes in the streets or to have a simpler and more functional public transport system must go hand in hand with the ambition to revive our capital. With the funds of the PNNR, the works for the Jubilee of 2025 or the exciting challenge of hosting the Expo 2030 we have before us extraordinary opportunities for good growth and healthy development. Let’s take them all together to go back to being even more proud of being Roman. Merry Christmas to you all, with sincere affection.

* mayor of Rome

“The hope is that Milan will restart ambitious and supportive”

Beppe Sala *

Another difficult year is coming to an end, for our city, our country and the whole world. The pandemic and the economic and social crisis fueled by Covid are still a reality we all have to deal with. Milan was seriously affected by the epidemic, but it is getting back on its feet. The rankings on the quality of life give our city a clear improvement, placing it again in the top positions. A result that would not have been possible without the sense of responsibility shown by the Milanese. The excellent data on adherence to the vaccination campaign – about 92% of our fellow citizens are vaccinated – and the determination with which the economic and productive activities of Milan have reacted to the stalemate which they were mostly forced to last year do us well. hope for the future. “Trust” must be our mantra, our magic word – if ever there was one – to recall the pride, courage and hope necessary to overcome the trials that the health emergency and the crisis are subjecting us to. Milan and the Milanese, in fact, have not lost the desire to do, to do well and to do good. Milan remains a city open to the world and to novelties, an ideal place to experiment in every field, because it is concrete, because it is ambitious, because it is supportive and attentive to the environment. The desire to leave is legitimate and shared. Milan has the skills to make this a reality. And it can do this by focusing on work, infrastructure, sustainable mobility, redevelopment of the building heritage and urban regeneration. It is in many projects relating to these areas that we have asked the government to be able to invest the funds of the NRP, because the recovery must be fair and sustainable, and must involve all the districts of the city. For this Christmas, I wish Milan and the Milanese to leave again, in safety, with serenity and trust, all together and better than before.

* mayor of Milan

Beppe Sala 1 23070945

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Mayors Gualtieri and Sala write their greetings to the citizens of Rome and Milan in Leggo READ THE LETTERS

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