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The Corona effect of 20 December 2021, the Foodlog selection of corona news from the (inter)national press. The Corona effect highlights cracks in the food chain, traces of new food systems and the ‘new healthy’. Here you will find our previous selections, in Spotted our daily newsroom.

“Many entrepreneurs will have to close their doors,” predicts BNR home economist Han de Jong (1.2). “The new lockdown will undoubtedly have a clear negative impact on our economy.”

Because the support packages do not reimburse everything for entrepreneurs, they wrestle in all kinds of creative turns to at least keep their staff. In Groningen, for example, Block & Barrels, The Stockroom, Barrel Wijn and Baxbier have joined forces to “get the December fun during the lockdown at people’s homes and to ensure that staff members can continue to pay their rent or mortgage.” No hanging shoulders, is the motto, but the shoulders underneath (MissetHoreca, 1.4). Groningers can order all kinds of combinations of food and drinks, with cocktails, beer or even a complete wine tasting. Delivered to your home by the employees of the four catering establishments.

Supply chain
However, De Jong sees light in the horizon: delivery times in the disrupted supply chain – the global supply chain – are shortening in Europe and the amount of raw materials and semi-finished products is increasing at a record pace. “A small ray of hope at this time”, he says, is the ebbing of the cause of the rapid price increases of the past year.

This disrupted supply chain has not gone unnoticed by the Operational Research and Logistics chair group of Wageningen University & Research. “Before the corona crisis, few companies structurally thought about the vulnerabilities of their supply chain, everyone was aiming for the lowest possible costs,” say Frans de Ruiter and Sander de Leeuw in Resource (2.1). “But logistics has now become a core element. “During the corona crisis, food companies have been quite capable of dealing with the supply chain problems, albeit with the ingenuity of unlabeled soft drink caps, shortages of packaging materials such as cans and cardboard and bakery products, surpluses of fries and eggs. And, not to forget, availability. of staff.”Office staff had to help out in the warehouses. One moment there were layoffs in the food service, the next they were badly needed again and there were staff shortages.” To help food companies better arm themselves against supply setbacks, Operational Research and Logistics will launch a platform for the agri-food supply chain.

It is actually too late for the first case: what do you as a restaurant do with your stocks during the latest sudden lockdown? (The Parool,1.1).

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‘Many companies will close permanently’ – Time for a resilient supply chain – Foodlog

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