Making Lesti Kejora’s Life Richer, Rizky Billar Ambitious to Become a Producer : Okezone Celebrity

RIZKY Billar always wanted to make Lesti Kejora and her baby happy in many ways. Wanting to make Lesti Kejora’s life rich, she has ambitions to become a producer.

Previously, Baby L’s father had a brilliant career in 2021. His face often graced the small screen with various TV programs, FTV, movies, and soap operas. His name also skyrocketed after his love story with Lesti Kejora came into the spotlight.

The 26-year-old man then felt very grateful for the journey of his life during 2021. Billar considered that 2021 was a year full of blessings. Moreover, that year, he also changed his single status to married.

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“I consider this year to be a blessed year for me, yes for sure. Why, because this year I finally changed my status from single to married, have a wife,” said Rizky Billar on the C&R Teen YouTube channel, quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia on Tuesday (4 /1/2022).

Apart from being Lesti’s husband, Rizky Billar also changed his status to become a father in the same year. Yes, her first baby was born on December 26, 2021, with a gestational age of 34 weeks. Even though he was born prematurely, Rizky Billar still feels happy to be able to meet his baby in person.

“In the same year, I just became a husband and now a father, that’s a blessing and happiness for me this year,” said Rizky Billar.

Not only in 2021, Rizky Billar hopes that his presence in the Indonesian entertainment world can continue to rise in the following year. Billar was determined to continue to give his best work every year.

“Hopefully not only in 2021 but in the years to come I can continue to work and continue to give the best in the entertainment industry,” said Rizky Billar.

Rizky Billar also revealed his resolution for 2022. The reason is, Lesti Kejora’s husband wants to spread his wings in various fields of the entertainment industry, one of which is a producer. Rizky Billar will try his luck in many fields in 2022.

“Resolution 2022, God willing, I can work through any path because the entertainment industry is not limited. I want to be a producer, so hopefully later I can also establish my existence as a presenter, and many other things that I haven’t done yet,” he said.

Rizky Billar also hopes to become a better person in 2022. Moreover, he already has a child from his marriage to Lesti Kejora. Rizky Billar will also change his attitude and lifestyle so that he can be an example for his child.

“The behavior of the child usually imitates the behavior of his parents. So, when I have children, I automatically have to watch my behavior and every word I say because I don’t want my child to imitate things that are not good from me,” he concluded.

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Making Lesti Kejora’s Life Richer, Rizky Billar Ambitious to Become a Producer : Okezone Celebrity

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