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DEPARTURE Edelenyi Laura Anna leaves deep sorrow for her Papa, Gabor Edelenyi. Here are the touching moments seen in the closeness of Laura Anna and Papa Gabor.

It should be noted, since the process of parting with the princess, last Wednesday, December 15, Gabor’s sadness has drawn emotional tweets from Netizens. Gabor never imagined that he only had 21 years to care for and love his beloved daughter.

The two of them are known to be very close even though they are quite far apart in age. In fact, it is not uncommon for the late Laura to share her moments with Gabor on Instagram.

So what is the form of the closeness of the late Laura with her beloved Papa? Here’s a collection of Laura and Papa Gabor’s warm moments.

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Hug Papa

A father is the first love for his daughter. Maybe that’s the meaning of a father figure in Laura’s eyes. Gabor is known to have a fairly close relationship with his middle daughter. Even until Laura was 17 years old, Gabor was still happy to invite his daughter to play with him.

Like the moment that Laura uploaded in 2017. Laura seemed to hug and put her head close to her father, while walking in Hungary.

At that time, Laura admitted that she was invited by her father who had just woken up to tour the city. Laura also wrote how much she loved Papa Gabor.

“Ready to kick the day with this one AHAHA I just woke up and asked to play it’s funny, I love it more ❤️,” he wrote.

Encourage each other

laura anna

In the past year, Laura and papa have been taking exams at the same time. Both were forced to have a lot of rest in bed because of illness.

According to information circulating, until now Papa Gabor still has to undergo intensive treatment for Offline Cancer which makes him weak.

Through Laura’s upload in February 2021, Laura and papa can be seen raising their hands together and holding each other. Although Laura’s condition was also not well, the second of four children seemed to encourage Gabor who was also in pain.

“Papa Akoo is the coolest Papa will get well soon, I miss papa, even though it’s a different room but no one arrives in the morning ” again, no one is angry anymore, huhu miss my fighting friends 😢🥺 I love you dear papa always, I love you papa🤍 you can definitely recover, how come you’re the coolest papiiigaborku💚,” said Laura encouraging her papa.

Fight Pain Together

laura anna

Spinal Cord Injury which suffered by the late Laura made him unable to come down to meet his father in the room. The two were forced to separate and could only communicate via video calls.

Quoted from Laura’s upload in April 2021, it appears that a hose is still attached to Papa Gabor’s neck. Laura also seemed to be smiling happily even though she could only see her father from her cellphone screen.

“Separated 🙁 because my papa can’t go up and I can’t go down because no one carries me (I’m tired) meh sucks, but still love you papa forever and always,” he wrote.

Accompany the Princess Care

Last May 2020, Laura’s condition had not improved too much, her neck still had to be supported so she wouldn’t be in pain.

With full sincerity, Papa Gabor seemed faithful to accompany Laura to undergo treatment at the hospital. In the portrait that Laura had uploaded, Papa Gabor seemed to gently touch the head of his daughter who was sitting in a wheelchair.

Apparently the portrait was uploaded when his father was having a birthday. With language that always shows joy, Laura wishes her father a happy birthday.

“AAA HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY WHITE BEAR❤️🙆🏻‍♀️ who is always fierce and always firm and patient when I’m moody!! “Laura why are you so fierce with me” even though I’m just in the mood when papa teases me always teasing w “don’t go anywhere tonight!” Where else are you going, you can’t move, papa ❤️ It’s been 72 years but it’s true” this person still likes to run and ride a bicycle like he’s 40 years old ❤️ always has stamina and doesn’t give up easily Thank you papa for always taking care of lora. I’m tired hehehe en naygon szeretlek teged❤️ happy growing old we love papa if papa doesn’t bother you anymore❤️❤️☺️,” wrote Laura.

Favorite food

Even though both of them were sick, Laura always wanted to make her father happy. It is proven in Laura’s upload.

The beautiful celebrity seemed to be preparing a lunch box containing Papa Gabor’s favorite Salad Wrap. Although Laura found it difficult to write because of her impaired motor function, Laura seemed to have prepared a message for her father on paper.

“Papa, this is a salad for papa, don’t choke on it, Szeretlek❤️ -Laura.”

Watching his daughter get cremated

Before closing his eyes forever, the late Laura had expressed her wish to be cremated when she died. This request was the reason why Laura’s family chose cremation for the princess’s body.

During the process of release until the cremation, Papa Gabor was always by Laura’s side. Although he still looked weak with the tube attached to his neck, Papa Gabor seemed to be steeling himself to be able to take the princess to her final resting place.

Carrying the Ashes of the Late Laura

laura anna

Holding the urn of ashes tightly, Papa Gabor’s expression of sadness could not be concealed. He even had time to kiss his daughter’s face.

Through a viral video uploaded by @.tassha on TikTok, Papa Gabor’s tears burst after confirming the princess’s breath before the coffin was closed. He seemed to still not believe in the fact that his beloved daughter could no longer be found.

Floating his daughter’s ashes into the sea


On Friday (17/12/2021), the process of spreading the ashes to ashes was carried out at this moment Papa Gabor and Mrs. Laura Anna, Amelia, immediately sowed the ashes of their daughter. It was a heartbreaking moment, but the family began to endure the loss of Laura Anna.

Moreover, Papa Gabor has lost his beloved daughter. Until the end of his daughter’s life, he was faithful to accompany and release his beloved daughter’s departure directly.

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Make Haru, Peek 8 Portraits of Closeness of Laura Anna and Papa Gabor until the End of Life : Okezone Celebrity

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