Love actually: this is how little Sam has changed 18 years after the movie

If there is a romantic film set in the Christmas season that has managed to go down in history as one of the season’s film classics, that is the unforgettable one. Love actually.

Since its premiere in 2003, the film captivates viewers every Christmas with its different Cross stories of love in the middle of the Christmas season and its luxurious cast.

The must in every Christmas movie marathon, directed by Richard Curtis, had a choral cast made up of several of british stars most outstanding of the seventh art.

However, although most of them were established adult actors, the plots also featured various children’s characters who conquered the public with their charisma and tenderness.

Among these, he especially highlighted Sam, a romantic boy who is helped by his widowed stepfather, Daniel, to conquer your crush: Johanna, the most popular girl in her school.

With only 13 years old, Thomas Brodie-Sangster He was commissioned to masterfully bring to life this adorable young man who won the hearts of all with his sympathy and his fight for love.

Thanks to his performance in this film, the boy achieved fame and won nominations for the Satellite Awards and the Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards.

Since then, 18 years have passed in which a lot has changed in life of the promising child actorExcept for her passion for acting and her little face.

Sam’s change from Love actually

Now, Brodie-Sangster He is quite a 31-year-old man, he still retains the sweet face of his childhood and is consecrated as one of the most successful and talented actors of his generation.

Following his big screen debut with Love actually, the interpreter has not stopped working on the construction of his solid artistic trajectory.

On the big screen, audiences have seen him go from boy to man in recent years playing all kinds of characters in about 18 productions; according to his profile on Imdb.

Nanny McPhee (2005), Tristan and Isolde (2006), Nowhere Boy (2009), Star Wars: the force awakens (2015) and the trilogy Maze Runner (2014-2018) are some films in which he shone.

As for television, where he began his career as an infant, he has acted in more than fifteen projects for the past 18 years.

Feather Boy (2004), Game of Thrones (2013-2014), Wolf Hall (2015), Godless (2018) and Gambito the lady (2020) are just a handful of the productions in which he has worked.

Thanks to his portrayal of the chess prodigy Benny Watts in the latter, Thomas won a nomination the Primetime Emmy Awards Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie.

Likewise, the luminary has also served as a vocal actor in various productions, such as Phineas y Ferb (2007-2015), where he lent his voice to Ferb.

Currently, the eternal Sam of Love actually he wears an appearance barely changed over the years and awaits the premiere of his new projects, such as the miniseries Pistol.

On the other hand, in terms of his personal life, the musician also has a relationship for more than a year with the model and photographer Gzi Wisdom.

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Love actually: this is how little Sam has changed 18 years after the movie

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