Lottery Italy, live January 6, 2022: all winning tickets. Who won the first prize of 5 million euros

Lottery Italy: all winning tickets. Here’s who won the € 5 million first prize. On Rai 1 during the broadcast “Soliti Ignoti – the return, special Lottery Italy” , which we follow in live on, will take place the extraction of lucky tickets that will win the prizes up for grabs.


ITALIAN LOTTERY – the 5 first category tickets drawn not yet combined with the prizes

The Customs and Monopoly Agency has communicated the series and numbers of the first five tickets drawn from the First Category Italy Lottery, not yet combined with the prizes. Below is the list:

– Series P 297147 sold in Formigine (MO)

– Series E 263508 sold in Magliano Sabina (Rieti)

– Series D 137599 sold in Trapani

– Serie T 018060 sold to local distributor in Rome

– Series N 330633 sold in ROME


21.01 – The first category prizes of the Lottery Italy will be 5, with the first prize of 5 million euros, then the second prize of 2.5 million will follow, the third will be equal to 2 million, the fourth to 1.5 million and the fifth premium will be equal to one million.

20.50 – This year 165 prizes will be awarded for a total of 16,806,000 euros. The prizes will be 165 in all, also considering those of the second and third categories: there will be 10 second category prizes of 100 thousand euros each and 150 third category prizes of 20 thousand euros each. The resellers of the winning tickets are awarded prizes for a total amount of 96 thousand euros.

20.40 – “The proceeds for this edition of the Italy Lottery have been considerable and, for the first time, the first 5 prizes will all be millionaires”. This was announced by the director general of the Customs and Monopolies Agency, Marcello Minenna, during the program “I soliti Ignoti – The return”.

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Almost 6.4 million tickets sold in the 2021 edition of the Lottery Italy, with a collection of almost 32 million euros. The sales figure announced by the Customs and Monopolies Agency is up by 38.2% compared to the previous edition, when 4.6 million tickets were sold.

Lazio, reports agipronews, confirms, once again, the region in which the highest number of tickets have been sold: in this edition there are over 1.1 million (about 19% of the national figure), 40.8 % more than last year.

Lombardy closely follows, with just over one million tickets (+ 38.2%), confirming also in this case the second place last year. Campania, with 608 thousand coupons detached (+ 57.2%), is on the third step of the podium, a whisker ahead of Emilia-Romagna, which stops at 577 thousand, in which the increase was 48.1 %. Numbers in sharp growth for the oldest lottery in Italy, supported by the Customs and Monopoly Agency with the action of the general manager, Marcello Minenna, and the director of Numerical Games and Lotteries, Stefano Saracchi.

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Lottery Italy, live January 6, 2022: all winning tickets. Who won the first prize of 5 million euros

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