Lesti Kejora Frustrated Taking Care of Premature Babies, Rizky Billar Does This: Okezone Celebrity

DRAMA Ready Kejora Motherhood begins to emerge after the baby is born into the world. He started to get frustrated and Rizky Billar tried to be faithful to accompany his wife.

The Life of Lesti Kejora and Rizky Billiards has changed since the birth of Baby L. One of the moments that is widely discussed on social media is when Lesti was very sad because the baby clothes she had were all too big for Baby L.

Yes, Baby L was born with a weight of only 2.8 kilograms. No wonder then that his body is very small and none of the clothes that have been prepared for Baby L fit his body.

“Because the size of the baby is premature, (even though) yesterday Dede was shopping for (babies) who were born normal,” said Lesti lamenting the fate of Baby L, who had difficulty having clothes that fit his body, peeked from @Insta_Julid’s Instagram upload.

Conditions like this certainly make Lesti mentally depressed. As a new mother, it’s natural for her to feel stressed, because she wants to give the best for Baby L but her efforts can’t be maximal.

Rizky Billar as a husband is aware that recently Lesti has become super sensitive. He tried several times to comfort and strengthen the young swordsman. As much as possible Billar tries to be a standby husband for Baby L and Lesti.

Like the situation of Baby L’s clothes, which are all too big, Billar tries to calm Lesti down with words of encouragement. “Later the child will grow up, dear,” said Billar. Lesti also agreed with her husband’s words.

Apart from that, a few days ago, Lesti and Billar revealed that even though Baby L was born prematurely, he did not require incubation in the NICU. This is also what the young couple idols are always grateful for.

According to Lesti, there is a magic behind the dhikr that is always said during the delivery of her premature baby. Yes, before Baby L was born into the world, Lesti kept on dhikr and prayed that the baby would cry loudly when it came out of her stomach.

What Lesti hoped for came true. Baby L was born with loud cries breaking the silence of the delivery room at Bunda Menteng Hospital. Because of this incident, Baby L was not rushed to the NICU.

“Alhamdulillah, as soon as (Baby L) was taken out (he) immediately cried really hard,” said Lesti, touched when she explained the beautiful moments in her life, seen from Youtube Leslar Entertainment.

Now Lesti and Billar often upload little bits of Baby L’s premature body parts. This couple really loves Baby L with all their heart, even Lesti Kejora considers her first child as the light of her life.

“Son, you are truly a new light and spirit, mother. Happy new year 2022, hopefully in the future we will all be much better and always in the protection of Allah. Amen,” said Lesti full of emotion.


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Lesti Kejora Frustrated Taking Care of Premature Babies, Rizky Billar Does This: Okezone Celebrity

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