Laura Anna’s last message is heartbreaking, what’s in it? : Okezone Celebrity

LAURA Anna left the last message to her sister, Greta Irene. Laura said the last message after meeting Denny Sumargo.

His cheerful character is a special memory for the family environment. Greta Irene as the deceased’s older sister did not hesitate to reveal Laura Anna’s last message before she died on Wednesday, December 15, 2021 yesterday.

It turned out that Laura admitted that she did not want to trouble those closest to her because of the reality of her life.

“Not long ago, when he came home from Denny Sumargo’s place, he said he actually didn’t want to trouble the people around him,” said Greta Irene at the Grand Heaven Funeral Home, Pluit, North Jakarta.

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Furthermore, Irene revealed that Laura was worried that her condition at that time would be troublesome for the family. Even so, Iren said that the family did not feel bothered in taking care of their younger brother after experiencing a traffic accident in December 2019.

“He’s really afraid to be a burden to the people around him, afraid to bother him like that. He said that, even though it’s not (troublesome) at all, because we love him, right, we take care of him. him,” he explained.

Irene then admitted that she had lost her beloved sister. The reason is, Laura, who is known to be cheerful, often brings a pleasant atmosphere during family gatherings.

“He’s a very cheerful person, isn’t he. So when he’s anywhere, he’s really happy, the atmosphere changes when he’s there. He’s a part of life, it’s really good when life is with him,” he said again.

Before she breathed her last, Laura apparently had time to ask the family for honey. At that time, Irene said Laura seemed surprised by the sweetness of the honey.

Not long after, the mother also fed the late Laura with a breakfast menu of porridge. However, Laura seemed to show her unusual attitude.

Irene said, her sister suddenly fell silent. Not long after, Laura Anna’s body suddenly turned blue and became cold.

“So that morning Laura still asked for honey, why did she say it tasted sweet, so it won’t take long for Mama to feed her porridge. When she was about to be fed the porridge, how come she was silent and her body turned blue, and it was cold,” said Greta Irene.

The family was suddenly surprised to see Laura Anna’s physical changes. Irene also said that at that time her family took Laura to the hospital for medical treatment.

But unfortunately, fate also said otherwise. Gaga Muhammad’s ex-lover breathed his last on Wednesday (15/12/2021) at around 09.22 WIB.

“We have tried our best, we went to the hospital very quickly, but by the time we got there, it turned out that his life could not be saved,” concluded Greta Irene.

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Laura Anna’s last message is heartbreaking, what’s in it? : Okezone Celebrity

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