Kendall Jenner shares an encouraging message for those like her who suffer from anxiety

Talking about mental health is no longer taboo. This is demonstrated by the same celebrities, who previously preferred to hide behind their seemingly perfect lives and now use their loudspeaker to make visible the pressures of the industry of the Show. The models have been pioneers in this regard. Gisele Bündchen, Coco Rocha, Devon Windsor and Kendall Jenner top the list of tops turned activists. The Kardashian’s younger sister experienced chest pains, rapid heartbeat, trouble sleeping, or a feeling of suffocation in closed spaces, all symptoms of the anxiety disorder who says she seems to have been since she was a child and that she was not diagnosed until four years ago.


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Kendall Jener continues her work as a mental health activist

The idyllic life that she and her famous clan of media sisters boast has, like everything else, its negative side and this has been recognized by the model on several occasions: “I know I have a very privileged life and many blessings, but I still have a brain that is not happy at times”, confessed to the American edition of Vogue in a revealing interview, published in May 2021, that he sought to focus on the importance of mental health. Since then, Jenner has made mental health one of your priorities and takes advantage of each space of its platform in networks, one that reaches more than 200 million people, to disseminate useful information in this regard, as well as encouraging messages of support.


Last Monday, Kendall published a few words from the book Heart Talk: Poetic Wisdom for a Better Life, a bestseller by the author Cleo Wade that brings together various poems, mantras and affirmations. In the first image, he highlighted a single phrase that reads: “Take a step towards your own destiny”. The second, underlined the following passage: “No matter how overwhelming the feelings that come with stress and anxiety are, we must always remember that we are human, and that although we are not able to control their arrival, we do have the power to drop them. Pause. Breathe slowly and deliberately. Think positive. Remember your strength. These feelings will eventually go away because they know, after all, that there is no place for them in your sacred self. ”


Kendall Jenner opens up about her anxiety: ‘Sometimes I feel like I’m dying’

The controversy is served!

It is admired by thousands, but judged by thousands more. His notorious presence in the media not only adds value to his work but also tests his ability to cope with criticism, a mandatory resilience exercise for celebrities that expose their lives as much as she does. The reactions after the publication of that first interview with Vogue They were diverse, because while some congratulated her for the responsible use of her platform, others highlighted contradictions in her message: “The girl who did not stop going to parties during the pandemic has spoken”; “How much anxiety, how good that you have like a billion dollars to fix your problems”, commented two users with irony.


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Same scrutiny he underwent just a couple of months ago Bella Hadid, model and close friend of Kendall, when shared a series of selfies bathed in tears, graphic testimony of his mental health problems. And it is that the controversy seems to haunt the Kardashian-Jenner sisters even in the workplace. After the resounding launch of 818, his own brand of tequila, was accused of inappropriately using elements of Mexican culture. Some critics who pointed to her for having “disguised herself” with indigenous clothes and others, highlighted her lack of knowledge about the same drink, which is not traditionally consumed in glasses, as she had shown in the first advertisements.

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Kendall Jenner shares an encouraging message for those like her who suffer from anxiety

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