Jovanotti, Intesa SanPaolo and WWF Italia: two live specials and a fundraiser to safeguard nature

Jovanotti live 2022… Ri-Party-Amo.

12 and 14 November, Rome and Milan. Two exclusive concerts dedicated to 4,000 donor fans of Ri-Party-Amo, the project born from the collaboration between Intesa Sanpaolo, Jova Beach Party and WWF Italy for the protection and safeguarding of nature which will start next summer with the Jova Beach Party 2022.

A campaign that aims to raise money on For Funding, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Crowdfundimng platform, also fueled by donations made during the online pre-sale of tickets, the figure of five million euros. All to clean and recover 20 million square meters of beaches, rivers, lakes and sea beds.

The two exclusive lives will take place on 12 november to the Atlantic of Rome and the November 14th at the Alcatraz in Milan.

Jovanotti Live 2022… Ry-Party-Amo

The three lines of action of RI-PARTY-AMO aim to raise awareness and mobilize young people, schools, families, companies and entire communities, through a structured program of actions:


    For a whole year, starting from the end of Jova Beach Party, it will be possible to participate in the Cleaning Days around Italy, with particular attention to plastic pollution: over 20 million square meters of beaches and coasts will be restored, but also the banks of rivers, lakes and natural areas in the areas far from the sea.

    The calendar includes interventions in at least 12 macro-areas scattered from the north to the south of our country, in an ideal tour in the Italian regions, to take care of our territory and the biodiversity that characterizes it and which today more than ever needs care and attention: 41% of the Italian rivers monitored and 80% of the lakes do not have a good ecological status, 34% of the more than 8,000 kilometers of our coasts are polluted by plastic waste and more.

    According to the Yearbook of Environmental Data drawn up by ISPRA, every 100 linear meters of beach there are on average 170 objects, mainly of disposable plastic;


    Realization of naturalistic engineering infrastructural works, for example walkways to avoid the trampling of the dunes and favor their natural expansion, windbreak barriers to stop degradation and repair the existing dunes, planting of native vegetation to consolidate the dunes and form dense and perennial bushes : interventions aimed at protecting the areas at risk and safeguarding the ecosystems present, with immediate interventions with a concrete impact even in the long term;


    Meetings and workshops in 12 Italian universities organized by Intesa Sanpaolo and WWF Italy, to involve young people and students on environmental issues thanks to discussions with experts and volunteers involved in the project; RI-PARTY-AMO workshops dedicated to elementary and middle schools, with the support of educational kits provided to educators, interactive work tools, new courses and games for children, accessible on One Planet School (OPS), the e – WWF learning dedicated to the permanent training of “multipliers”, communities and citizens active for sustainability.

    In addition, for the most deserving students, provision of at least 10 scholarships for training courses on environmental issues and 3 training internships at WWF Italy to gain experience in the field.

    RI-PARTY-AMO is a transparent project, as well as ambitious: it will be possible to follow all the appointments online on the platform created to monitor the interventions in real time, welcome subscriptions to waste collection activities and report on the progress achieved.

    Everyone will be able to give their contribution to the project directly in the field, with the necessary training and preparation to safely manage waste, also receiving a handbook from the volunteer to better face the days.

Photo by Michele Lugaresti Maikid


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Jovanotti, Intesa SanPaolo and WWF Italia: two live specials and a fundraiser to safeguard nature

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