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JIMMY Gideon died at the end of 2021, right on Sunday, December 26, 2021. There are interesting facts about the comedian that you should consider.

Yes, the information of Jimmy’s death was also spread by a fellow comedian, Derry Sudarisman, through his Instagram @dwery4sekawanreal.

“Innalillahi Wainnaillahi Roj’iuun, goodbye my friend, I as a friend can only pray from here,” wrote Derry Sudarisman in the caption quoted by MNC Portal Indonesia.

For information, Jimmy Gideon died at the age of 58 years. His name may not be too familiar to the current generation. But his track record in the world of entertainment is no joke. So that we can get to know and remember him better, here is MNC Portal Indonesia presenting his profile review!

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Personal identity

In fact, Jimmy Gideon’s real name is Abdul Aziz. The late is a comedian who came from Bengkulu and was born on September 22, 1963. He is Muslim and is said to have migrated.

The name Jimmy itself comes from his childhood nickname, because when he was little his face was considered to be like the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

His comedic talent seems to run through his family. The reason is, Jimmy also has an older brother who works as a comedian, namely Ogud from the Tomtam Group (comedy group).

Early Career

Abdul Aziz started his career in the entertainment world in 1990. At that time, he joined the comedy group ‘Gideon’ along with Sion and Habil. So Jimmy Gideon’s name stuck to him.

As for information, Gideon himself is a comedian group previously strengthened by Derry Sudarisman, a figure who also confirmed the news of Jimmy’s death, and also Ginanjar.

The name ‘Gideon’ itself is an acronym for Ginanjar, Derry and Sion. However, the two founders, Ginanjar and Derry, decided to leave the group they formed and formed a comedy group called ‘Empat Sekawan’.

Then Gideon’s group left Zion and Jimmy, plus Abel, who came in later.

Famous Thanks to Sitcoms Because of

Jimmy Gideon’s name exploded thanks to a sitcom or sitcom entitled ‘Gara-Gara’ which was first released in 1992. At that time Jimmy acted with senior actress Lidya Kandou and played the role of her husband.

The event was also quite successful where Gara-Gara aired for approximately 6 years, namely until 1998.

Since then, Jimmy Gideon has been in demand in the Indonesian entertainment world by starring in a number of films and sitcoms. The actor in the film ‘Lenong Rumpi’ (1991) also starred in a number of advertisements.

The late’s career became even more vibrant after the success of his role in the soap opera Kecil- Kecil Jadi Manten. Jimmy was also chosen to be one of the actors in the film that tells the legendary sitcom ‘Bajaj Bajuri The Movei’ (2014).

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Jimmy Gideon Dies, Here Are 3 Facts about the Comedian from Religion to Career : Okezone Celebrity

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