Jewels Without an Oscar: The Shawshank Redemption. Backreview

Considered one of the best films in history, Dreams of escape (for some Latin American countries) is undoubtedly a must-see for all good inveterate moviegoers. It was released in 1994, directed by Frank Darabont with Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins as protagonists, The Shawshank Redemption was nominated for seven Academy Awards, of which it did not obtain any since it competed with two feature films that later would become In cult films, Pulp Fiction and Forrest Gump, the latter would win the best picture award.

Based on the short novel by Stephen King, “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank redemption”, the film tells the story of the young banker Andrew (Andy) Dufresne who is sentenced by a judge to two life sentences in 1947 as a result of having murdered a his wife and her lover, despite the fact that he insists his innocence, Andy ends up being confined in Shawshank prison.

Just arriving at the jail, Andy realizes how hard his life will be there, seeing how the guards have no mercy to punish the inmates, all this with the approval of Samuel Norton, the mayor of the prison; and for the multiple harassments of “The Sisters”, a group of homosexuals who try at all costs to abuse Andy.

During the first few months, Dufresne befriends the prison’s most famous smuggler, Ellis Boyd Redding “Red”, after commissioning him to carve gemstones and a few other things, especially posters.

After two years in prison, Andy befriends several inmates, including Brooks, an old man who has spent practically all his life in prison, all of them are selected to perform maintenance on the roofs of the prison buildings. While working, Andy hears one of the guards complaining about tax problems, to which he proposes to keep accounts to ensure a fortuitous financial future for the guard. This accident makes him of a certain fame and he begins to keep accounts for practically all the prison guards.

After getting influence, our banker manages to get rid of the harassment of the sisters after one of them was disabled due to the beating that a guard gives him as a result of an attack on Andy.

Later Andy is moved to the prison library where he acts as an assistant for Brooks who is about to leave, but still does not know it until a few months later. The old man leaves prison but it is impossible for him to adapt to living outside of there because the world for him is no longer the same, Brooks decides to commit suicide in the hotel room where he lived, but not before leaving a message for his friends in prison.

After a few years, Norton started a work program for the interns, which consisted of cutting down trees and the like that, in his words, served as a kind of community work. Some contractors feel threatened by this and resort to bribing the mayor so that they are the ones who get the “big” jobs and the prisoners are the ones who do the small jobs. Andy, is in charge of making all the movement of this dirty money putting it in accounts in the name of Randall Stevens, which “only exists on paper.”

In 1965, after Red has been rejected by parolees and Andy takes care of the mayor’s shady business, a new young inmate arrives at Shawshank from another county jail. After becoming friends with Andy and thanks to him passing primary education, Tommy hears why Dufresne is in prison and tells him and his friends the true story of his wife’s murder.

He reveals that the real murderer is another person named Elmo Blatch, who shared a cell with Tommy in another prison, during a sentence prior to his arrival in Shawshank. Upon learning of this, Andy asks the warden to reopen his case, but he refuses, fearing that he will be left without his services, and in a fit of anger sends him to the “hole” for a month.

Days later, after Tommy received his high school diploma, Norton asks him if he was willing to testify in favor of Andy’s innocence, and upon receiving an affirmative answer, Hadley fires four rifle shots at Tommy, killing him. in the act. Upon learning of this, Andy tells the warden that he will not work for him again, but Norton lets him know that he will lose all the privileges he enjoys if he did not cooperate with him.

A month later, Andy tells Red that he considers his sentence completed, tells him about his plans to settle in Zihuatanejo, a small Mexican town on the shores of the Pacific, and asks for his help with his projects to follow once he is released from prison. . Red refuses, claiming that it would be very difficult for him to adjust to life outside of prison, and reminding Andy to stop being excited about those plans, but anyway Andy asks him to find a specific place, where there would be something buried for him. .

That night, Andy returns to his cell but would no longer be there the next morning. He had managed to escape by digging a tunnel that began in his cellar with the hammer that he would have asked Red ten years earlier and covering it with various posters, the last one was that of Rita Hayworth.

After Andy had escaped from jail through his tunnel and a sewer drain, he impersonates Randall Stevens with the documents used to open the bank accounts, and takes the $ 370,000 from Norton’s shady dealings. Before leaving for Mexico, he sends the evidence of the money laundering (which he had taken when he escaped) to a Portland newspaper. The news makes the cover, Hadley is arrested for Tommy’s murder, and Norton commits suicide before being caught.

A year later, Red is finally released on parole. True to his promise, he looks for the place Andy indicated and finds a small tin with some money and a letter for him. Following their instructions, he travels to Fort Hancock to cross the border with Mexico and reach the town of Zihuatanejo, where he meets Andy.

A film that shows us like no other the human side of those who are locked up, and above all, the true meaning of friendship and perseverance.

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Jewels Without an Oscar: The Shawshank Redemption. Backreview

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