IVAN GRANATINO: a double disc with his great hits and 7 unreleased

Ivan Granatino public Gears 2.0, the new double album available digitally and in physical version for Napule Hallucca & Believe Distribution.

From today on the radio also the focus track of the album Mentirosa mia, an urban pop song with dance influences.
The videoclip of Vulevo, shot from Vima Film, manifesto song also chosen as an intro in which the artist dialogues directly with the Music.

Ivan Granatino, one of the most interesting voices of the “new Naples”, collects in a double album the most important songs published in recent years, the disc Gears from 2017 and seven unreleased tracks.
The disc will also contain the recording of Ivan’s concert at the House of Music in 2018.

A total of 34 tracks, including songs The Addore Forte D’o Mare e Napule Hallucca, featured in the soundtrack of the fifth and final season of Gomorrah and the song Alright, which is heard instead in the fourth season.
The disc also contains Guagliuncè, chosen for the latest film Left-handed Natural from Salvatore Allocca with Claudia Gerini e Massimo Ranieri.

The artist from Caserta Ivan Granatino announces in this disc 7 unreleased, intimate songs that tell the experiences and emotions lived by Ivan in the last year and a half.
Two collaborations: one with Andrea Sannino in the piece Mom and the other with Franco Ricciardi in Good morning Naples, a tribute to the story of “a classic Neapolitan Sunday.

«With this double album I want to tell my soul, in which my past and my present are enclosed. Gears 2.0 it is the conclusion of a journey and the beginning of something totally new – he says Ivan Granatino – The Gears of this journey have been many and all important, but the ones that I will never be able to give up to get the engine of my music started are passion, identity and consistency. Have a nice trip”.

the firmacopie and a live start:

  • 17 December: 17.00 al Juke- box of Caserta (Via Carlo Cornacchia, 10)
  • December 18: 16.00 at The Feltrinelli of Central Station in Naples (P.za Giuseppe Garibaldi)
  • 20 December: 17.00 al Quarto Nuovo Shopping Center di Quarto – NA (Via Masullo, at Euronics)

Monday 17 January 2022, on the other hand, Ivan Granatino will present the album live at Augusteo Theater of Naples (Piazzetta Duca D’Aosta, 263). The first stop on his new tour.

the tracklist of Gears 2.0 from ivan granatino

1. I Wanted (Intro)
2. Good and Evil
3. He loved
4. Point on us
5. Liar mia (focus track)
6. Mammà ft. Andrea Sannino
7. Good morning Naples ft. Franco Ricciardi
8. Candy ft. Bl4ir
9. Money ft. Clementino & Max D’Ambra
10. Pablo Escobar Ft. Abraham De Palma
11. All right ft. D-Ross (Gomorrah 4 Soundtrack)
12. It comes to me ft. Giusy Attanasio
13. Vitamì
14. Guagliuncè ft. Vincenzo Bles & Don Rafaelo
15. Me llama ft. Bl4ir
16. Annarè
17. Made in the cross

1. I can’t
2. Napule Hallucca (Gomorrah 5 – Soundtrack)
3. Sempe
4. A guagliona d’o core
5. Forgive me fest bles
6. Faciste Sin
7. Hat
8. The strong smell of the sea (Gomorrah 5– Soundtrack)
9. Nun old lord
10. Tell me
11. If he lives halfway
12. May
13. you
14. My dream
15. Love is enough
16. Baby
17. Spuoglieme

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IVAN GRANATINO: a double disc with his great hits and 7 unreleased

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