Italo changes headquarters in a smart and hi-tech space

Italo changes headquarters and moves its Head Quarter to Via Casilina 1, almost 10 years after the departure of the first Italo from the Naples quay, on April 28, 2012. The design of the new headquarters stems from Italo’s desire to acquire new spaces and enclose the company vision and mission in a single environment, thus creating new sustainable, digital, elegant offices designed for employees.

Sustainability is highlighted from the first access into the hall, the meeting and reception point designed to immerse yourself in the world of Italo and the values ​​of eco-sustainability, speed and professionalism. A model of Italo elegantly bursts into the environment, as if it were a running train, against the backdrop of a vertical garden, designed to convey a positive influence and synonymous with the constant attention that Italo pays to the environment.

Respect for environmental sustainability was in fact one of the pillars of the design of the spaces of the new headquarters, curated by the company eFM. Particular emphasis was given to the study of internal and external natural environments, with the setting up of gardens and terraces both for moments of leisure and as support for operational areas, to underline the beneficial effects that green environments have on the productivity of individual.

On each floor of the building, natural and sparkling drinking water dispensers with a purification system were installed, with the aim of limiting the use of plastic. Furthermore, each employee received a branded water bottle and a welcome kit made with eco-sustainable materials.

“We strongly wanted a more flexible and dynamic location, which would stimulate energy and creativity, thanks to new spaces where our employees can work at their best and express their potential to the full – explains Gabriele Cerratti, Italo HR director -. The new headquarters transmits the mission and values ​​of our company among which, first of all, there are safety and sustainability: the new offices, in fact, are designed in total compliance with the rules of safety distances for Covid and ride the sentiment of restart and the challenge that is the basis of all Italo projects ».

To underline, then, the choice of the company to start a process of dematerialization of the archives, to limit the use of paper and favor digitization. In addition, recharging points for electric vehicles are available in the company car park to encourage the spread of electric mobility.

The beating heart of the new Head Quarter is the Operations Room, designed to be visible from the outside thanks to the transparent windows and functional for everyday work. The Operations Room is divided into two areas: an operational area designed to ensure good visibility of the videowall from all workstations and equipped with the necessary equipment for constant 24-hour monitoring of railway traffic, and a restaurant / relaxation area to allow management stress in moments of extraordinary management, without leaving the station.

The technology in the offices is at the forefront and supported by the 5G network: the latest generation LED walls, in fact, are dedicated to the operational spaces; multifunctional LED displays are present in the hall and in the room dedicated to the Board of Directors; video projectors, digital whiteboards and touch displays are available in meeting rooms and training rooms. In particular, the training rooms present are flexible, delimited by movable walls and adaptable to the type of training required, with a capacity of 10 to 60 people, in compliance with the minimum safety distances.

To promote the psychophysical well-being of the staff, a large refreshment area was also created, divided into 3 areas: an informal meeting area for short meetings; a relaxation area with soft furnishings and a ping-pong table that converts to a dining table or for informal meetings; and dynamic break area equipped with kitchen furniture including appliances. In the dining areas on the floors, on the other hand, customized vending machines with corporate colors have been installed, to ‘feel at home’, equipped with a consumption monitoring system to customize and manage remote refueling, and a supply of food. healthy and light, as well as hot and cold drinks, with a wide choice suitable for all needs.

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Italo changes headquarters in a smart and hi-tech space

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