It sucks, these are Laura Anna’s 5 stories about Gaga Muhammad: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Selebgram Edelenyi Laura Anna passed away on Wednesday, December 15, 2021. He died in the bosom of God after suffering from a spinal cord injury or spinal cord injury since 2019 due to an accident with his ex-lover, Gaga Muhammad.

Laura Anna has also become the talk of netizens after demanding justice for her. He asked his ex-lover to be responsible for all the effects of an accident several years ago that left him paralyzed. Gaga Muhammad was then arrested in early December for traffic crimes.

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Before Laura died, he had time to write an outpouring about Gaga which he called irresponsible. The confession was written in the caption of his memorable photos with his ex on his Instagram.

Because as is known, after breaking up, Laura never deleted her picture with Gaga. He actually changed all the photo captions and replaced them with things about Gaga. Here are 5 of Laura Anna’s outpourings about Gaga Muhammad, as summarized from her Instagram, Wednesday (15/12/2021).

1. Ask for responsibility

In Laura’s 2020 post, she uploaded a photo of her lying down. Meanwhile, Gaga is seen accompanying him on the side of the bed, hugging him. Although the photo is very romantic, but in the photo caption, Laura asks Gaga to be responsible. “Responsibility, please pay also. It’s been more than a year, there’s not a penny to be helped,” said the 21-year-old woman in the caption of her photo.

2. Called a cure inhibitor

Laura Anna also replaced the caption of her old video with Gaga on Instagram. He revealed that his ex likes to get drunk and play with girls. “I’m drunk and drunk now, girls here and there but can’t be responsible financially on a basic basis. Healing inhibitors stress me out a lot lol,” he wrote.

3. Call Gaga a parasite

In February 2020, Laura Anna posted a photo of Gaga on her Instagram. Now, the photo is equipped with a heartbreaking photo caption. “When I’m healthy, crazy, it’s really good, but it’s also parasitic, when I’m sick, I’m burdened with being cheated on, and I’m still driving it crazy, it doesn’t make my spirit alive, I’m relieved that I’m not with him,” said Laura Anna.

4. Call himself paralyzed because Gaga drives while drunk

In another story, Laura Anna also revealed the reason why she was paralyzed in 2019. “Can’t walk because he’s drunk driving a check,” he wrote in one photo of the two of them with Gaga.

5. Swipe ATM card

Not only irresponsible, Gaga is said to have swiped Laura Anna’s ATM card when she was unconscious. “Swipe my ATM card when I’m unconscious and check,” he said in the caption of the photo of the two of them with Gaga.

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It sucks, these are Laura Anna’s 5 stories about Gaga Muhammad: Okezone Celebrity

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