INTERVIEWS: Lucie Vondráčková – I’ve always been a little unclassifiable

Few people on the domestic scene evoke such colorful emotions as Lucie Vondráčková. On the other hand, a woman of many faces and talents, who many criticize for the quality of production and the fact that she is constantly washed up on the boulevard, has a lot of fans and successes. We talked not only about this polarity, but also about the fresh studio film “Love”.

You release your new album three years after the album “Růže”. Did you plan to release it right now, or did the covid crisis help everything?

I didn’t plan on a record at all. But new songs came into being and enchanted me so outrageously that I just had to sing them. First you found me “Message in a Bottle” and then there was no escape. I originally thought that this year would be mainly acting.

The whole recording is mostly influenced by Slovakia – authors, publisher, producer. What made Bratislava so enchanting you?

I returned there after more than twenty years. Everything has changed, the rap scene has started, thousands of new houses have sprung up in Blava, I have two children, technology is moving forward … but the song is either either charming or not.

So far, your court authors have been parents. How did they bite the fact that they do not participate in the news, and how do they like the result?

I’ve always done projects outside of our shamrock – musical, film, whatever … The CD is freshly pulled out of the oven, so they got it under the tree.

I assume you spoke a lot to your parents in composing. How was the cooperation with Slovak authors?

I talk to everyone into everything. (laughter) But if I see that the thing I have already imagined is already in the hands of a competent person, I will shut up and look forward to the result. I participated in “Láskovětách” both in some lyrics and in music, but Braňo Jančich, Marián Brezáni, Kamil Peteraj, Petr Fider, Mark Voss, Raego, … well, a plethora of great people have the biggest share in the whole thing.


“So don’t be surprised” you even sing in Slovak. Why did you decide so?

That was Kamil Peter’s idea. I had respect and a little fear of Slovak, but the boys gave me a Slovak foundry in the studio and Kamil was at the shooting, so they didn’t give me anything and sawed out every soft L and non-existent E with a hook. And I love that song.

How do you explain the fact that you don’t like criticism, but you have a lot of fans?

What a critique. Theater reviews have always been very nice and positive. The music doesn’t have that much criticism (don’t get offended, but there are really few of you) and the films are only screened in our boulevard. And people still find what they want to go with. Song, movie, opinion. No one can dictate their life and opinion of things, and you simply surround yourself with what brings you a nice feeling of life on the short journey we take here around the world.

Marketing experts must have a hard time with you, because in the song “Honza” together with Kandráčovci you sing almost on a folk note, but basically follows a rap feature with Grenuy. Can you introduce this artist a bit?

(laughter) I’ve always been a little unclassifiable. Directors and concert promoters could talk about that. “He can’t now, he’s making a movie!” And vice versa – from the movie theater straight to the O2 arena. Grenuy is young, talented, hardworking, charismatic and absolutely brimming with musical ideas that have brought us all to our knees. On the contrary, “Honza” and Kandráčovci are folk and fresh air in Děvina. The diversity of genres charges me with energy.


That is why your genre variance reminds me of life in parallel, because apart from being a singer and actress, you also have a doctorate in philosophy. You don’t seem to like doing things for one. Is this deduction correct?

You said that nicely. I like people who have more scope and are interested in more things. Not just one segment of life. When I’m tired from studying, I go dubbing. When there was a lot of theatrical work, I would relax at a concert and raise children for it, and there I would rest from everything and then draw back to life.

Currently, rap is one of the most listened to genres among the young generation. Is this also the reason why Raego was given a relatively substantial space on the album “Loves”?

Not that. Raeg and I just sat down perfectly musically, vocally and humanly. I don’t care what is fashionable and what goes. I don’t follow Tim. I like the changes and exits from my own comfort zones, and both Raego and Grenuy have a huge charisma and it’s the pros who give even a fine song a touch of street urban stuff. So he promotes her and I enjoy it.

Lucie Vondráčková

It is impossible to write in short who Lucie Vondráčková is. He has paragraphs on his website about radio, theater, dubbing and film. If we focus on this segment as a portal focused on music, she is an artist who has been active on our scene for almost three decades, she has hits like “Who loves you”, “Love for 100 years”, clouds awards in polls. popularity, charts and lots of gold and platinum records for sales. At the same time, it is a fat bite for criticism not only because it fills the pages of tabloids. The graduate Doctor of Philosophy has released more than ten regular serial albums, the last one entitled “Loves” was released on her holiday on December 13, 2021.

I can’t help but mention the bonuses – while the duet with Michal David “It was love” is not that old, you also reached for the iconic song “Jeans”. Why did these two songs (out of a total of three bonuses) have been modified?

Well, they are already quite a song for witnesses … “Jeans” got a new coat because they once won all possible polls and prizes in Slovakia. And now, after those X years, everyone reminded me there. And “It was love” is a nice thing that lives its life, but I wanted to give it a more modern sound.

Do you feel that your musical style changes over time? Aren’t you ever tempted to sing an album in a genre that will surprise fans? For example, chanson?

For example, “Stars” smells softly of chanson. Maybe the wind will blow me there one day. I like to tell stories. And I have more than a small amount of feelings and emotions in my heart over the last few years …


Can you expect to keep the musical background in Slovakia, or was it just a one-time affair?

We all enjoy it a lot, so we move on. It will probably be another ride. 67216

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INTERVIEWS: Lucie Vondráčková – I’ve always been a little unclassifiable

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