Interview with Serendipity, a band that conquered Spotify: “Our project was born after a Coez concert …”

I Serendipity, three guys from Bergamo, have launched their new single in recent days, That’s good, accompanied by the official video released in the following days. For the occasion All Music Italia reached them to learn more about their project with an interview.

I Serendipity they are made of Alessandro Scandella, Andrea Angioletti e Lorenzo Giannelli, three boys from Bergamo who in 2021 published the songs in a totally independent way VBCM e I’ll buy you the summer, surpassing 800,000 plays on Spotify and reaching peaks of 100,000 monthly listeners.

The single That’s good was written and composed by Serendipity with Federico Baroni e Gianmarco Great, who also took care of the artistic production. It is a song with a strong pop matrix that tells of how to overcome the end of a love, through a sharp and sarcastic portrait of the classic situations that occur during relationships.

The official video, out as the track on distribution ADA Music Italy, was shot by Marco Maninni in Bergamo, right in the symbolic places of the city, such as the Sentierone and the Ferris wheel in Piazza Matteotti.

Here it is to follow.

Interview with Serendipity

Hi guys, welcome to All Music Italia… first of all if you had to describe yourself in 10 lines, how would you define yourself?

Ciao All Music Italia, thanks for the opportunity: it is a pleasure to be able to answer your questions!
I Serendipity I’m Alessandro Andrea and Lorenzo: three guys who love music so much and tell each other through it; our lives are both subject and inspiration for the songs we communicate with.

The desire to express ourselves comes from wanting to infect those who listen to us with energy “Serendipity“, Essential engine of our project, to push him to never stop believing in his dreams.

From your bio, we understand that the name Serendipity has to do with destiny, which seems to have tried to make you work on your project almost as if there were a story already written. Tell us a little about that evening at the Coez concert …

The concert of coez in Milan it was a sign of destiny. Alessandro up to a month before he lived in Spain, then for personal reasons he had to return to Italy. A few days before the concert, the girl who was supposed to be there in her place gives up and so we find the three of us.

After witnessing a splendid performance by coez, in the car we asked ourselves “but what if we tried to make music too?“. Now, after 2 years and quite unexpectedly, we share some playlists with him on streaming platforms and for us it is a great honor.

We immediately did all this purely for fun, which is why the results obtained to date are an important milestone for us, but at the same time a solid starting point.

Your new single is titled “Luckily”, what it’s about and how it was born …

That’s good was born as our songs are almost always born: talking to each other. One morning we were discussing how, at times, we are disappointed by some situations that are close to our hearts but which in hindsight lead you to say “thank goodness it went like this”. In short, the title of the song was born first.

The piece was then “built” in Warner Chappel thanks to the collaboration with Gianmarco Grande, manufacturer, e Federico Baroni, topliner. Right from the start there was a natural harmony between everyone that made it possible to write and compose almost the entire piece in a single day.

The video is a tribute to your city, what was it like making it?

It was a lot of fun: a day that we never have! The idea we had in mind was to shoot a “real” video, which would tell our reality and the behind the scenes of the Serendipity. Hence the choice to shoot it in our hometown, among the streets we know best and with the participation of the people we are most attached to.

We are delighted with the result achieved and we thank you Marco Mannini, the director, not only for being able to put up with us during the shoot (laughter) but above all for being able to achieve what we had in mind.

You have exploded in the main indie playlists on Spotify, such as Indie Italia, Scuola Indie (of which you have also conquered the cover), Best of Indie Italia. Streaming, therefore, now takes the lion’s share of the record market and especially for emerging markets these platforms can be a way to make themselves known but the competition is great. What do you think of this scenario?

It is true that there is a lot of competition, but the beauty is that everyone can make themselves known in a showcase that is the same for everyone, it is up to the artist to do his best to get ahead. We did not have to undergo an adaptation process because we immediately used streaming as a means of dissemination for our music and thanks to the following we had on these platforms we got the first satisfactions.

Are you already writing other songs? Maybe you have an album in the works?
In reality, we never stop writing: it is something we have inside: then, as is normal, not everything we write comes to life.
We are an ever-open musical yard from which new songs will soon come out.
The album is a point on our “to do list” that we would like to check out soon.

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Interview with Serendipity, a band that conquered Spotify: “Our project was born after a Coez concert …”

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