Interview with Elia: “Oceano” is the song that marks the young singer-songwriter’s debut

Ocean is the debut single, out for a few days on all digital platforms, by the young singer-songwriter Elia. For the occasion All Music Italia interviewed him to let you know better.

The song, out for ADA Music Italy, was written by the same Elia and produced by Alessandro Maffei. It is an indie-pop, romantic and melancholy song that tells a situation experienced by the boy in the first person.

Here’s how he tells it Elia

When I wrote Ocean I was in a moment of crisis, I was afraid of losing my girlfriend. I had a feeling that she deserved better.

I think it’s a fairly common situation, that’s why I tried to express everything I was experiencing with music, hoping that whoever was reflected in Ocean could understand.

We know Elijah better

Elia, real name Matteo Elia Uploaded, is a singer originally from Milan and currently lives in Montefiascone (VT). He has a scientific high school diploma and attends the Saint Louis College of Music.

Growing up with a passion for music, which he carried on together with Karate, a sporting art in which he came to conquer the black belt, he has been playing the guitar since he was six and writing songs since he was fourteen.

Despite his young age, he has already created a small home studio, where he works on his unpublished works. His music is direct, it aims to get straight to people’s hearts, recounting experiences and situations lived on their own skin.


Hi Elia, welcome to All Music Italia. You are at your absolute debut so I would say start by talking a little about yourself …

Hi everyone, I would describe myself as a nineteen year old boy like many others, but with the need to express what I live and feel through my music. My dream is just to live off my songs. I started playing the guitar at the age of six and now we are inseparable, with her I have written almost all my songs.

At the moment I am studying singing at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome and at the same time I am working on my music.

I realized that it would be my path after having made people hear the first songs: I saw how my music carried them and made everyone feel better.

Oceano is your first single, how did the song come about?

It was born out of a toxic relationship, particularly a mix of feelings that oppressed me and that I had to get rid of. I wrote my fears straight away and paired them with a guitar round I had been working on for a while, then I worked on the pre-productions.

I was hoping who would listen Ocean he could understand me or even recognize himself in the song, and indeed many of the feedbacks that arrive are confirming what I was hoping for.

How did you approach music and when did you realize it was your way?

Since I was a child I have been a fan of the Queen, but the real encounter with music came at the age of six, when my mother gave me a guitar almost for fun and I fell in love with it and started taking lessons.

What do you want to convey to the public with Oceano?

What I want to convey with Ocean is enclosed in the phrase “The moon is too big a pearl for the ocean”Which is the key phrase of the song, which can be interpreted in many ways, the meaning I gave it is not to force reality and not to delude ourselves at all costs that things can go as we want. After all, it’s the mistake I made in my relationship.

Where do you draw inspiration for your pieces?

The biggest inspiration I have is people. The social dynamics behind the various emotions I feel, behind my experiences and those of others. In any case, I am of the opinion that an artist can truly be inspired by anything. Girls have been inspiring me lately.

Are there any other songs in the pipeline? What are your next projects?

I still have a lot to tell, but I can’t give you any more clues. The idea is to make you fly.

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Interview with Elia: “Oceano” is the song that marks the young singer-songwriter’s debut

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