Idol Stars Rimar & Glenn Samuel Are Out Of Job Due To The Pandemic : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA Rimar Callista is the 1st winner of the Indonesian Idol Special Season talent search event which will be broadcast on RCTI in 2021. Thanks to his great performances, Rimar has managed to attract the attention of many Indonesian music lovers with his unique and melodious voice.

This 1997-born singer apparently has graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in petroleum engineering in 2020. Now, Rimar is actively entertaining fans with lots of exciting videos uploaded on his YouTube channel.

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This time, Rimar invited Glenn Samuel, a talented singer who graduated from Indonesian Idol Season 9 to chat with him. Both of them had fun discussing the cool photos of Glenn Samuel which were uploaded on Instagram social media. Rimar then asked about a photo taken when celebrating Glenn’s birthday in 2020. Glenn also shared the sad and mixed feelings behind his cheerful smile in the photo.

“Last year was one of my worst moments after Idol, I felt really down, at that time there was no job, it was very quiet,” said Glenn Samuel.

Glenn said that at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, his income had greatly decreased. On the other hand, Glenn needed to support his family who had just moved to Jakarta. But now Glenn is grateful that he can rise again from his slump.

“Yesterday was a great lesson, you have to have savings, you have to save, you have to have plan B, plan C, plan D, so that if something like yesterday happens again, we don’t have to worry about what to do,” said Glenn Samuel.

For those who are curious about the stories of the two, let’s watch the full video only on the Rimar Official YouTube channel!

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Idol Stars Rimar & Glenn Samuel Are Out Of Job Due To The Pandemic : Okezone Celebrity

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