Huang Wei ‘Viya’, la destronada reina de la venta ‘on-line’ china

  • The biggest Chinese ‘influencer’, capable of selling the impossible, turns off screens after the millionaire (and exemplary) fine received for tax fraud

The sale ‘online’ in China seeks queen after the treasury has dethroned Viya, the 1.34 billion yuan (186 million euros) fine for tax fraud they seem insurmountable even for those who until now turned everything they touched into gold. Kill the chicken to scare the monkeys, recommends a local saying, and there was no better candidate to punish than Viya in order to order an industry as hypertrophied as it was chaotic. The legal crack was known: straining individual income (taxed at 45%) as well as business, whose rates start at 5%. For this reason, a couple of influencers Minors and Chinese local governments promised a strong hand, but the message did not get through until it was Viya’s turn. Now the union is marching to the Treasury offices to catch up.

In the Singles Day pre-sales he finished his 14 hours of live broadcasting with more than one billion euros in sales

Huang Wei, his real name, he scored his umpteenth record just two months ago. In Singles Day presales –The annual consumerist orgy in a nominally communist country– ended its 14 hours of live broadcasting with more than € 1 billion in sales. But until this last milestone was achieved, the influence He traveled a long and stony road since his birth (36 years ago) in the nondescript and rural province of Anhui. At 16 he moved to Beijing and was employed in a wholesale market that closed with the SARS epidemic. They were difficult days, of apartments without a bathroom and buses without air conditioning because it saved yuan by yuan.

A whole empire

After failing as a singer, she opened a clothing store with her husband in Xian and lived his epiphany: a customer left after trying on several clothes and then buying them online through Taobao, the platform that connects individuals and has created millions of small entrepreneurs in China. The future, then, was in online commerce. So he closed the store, moved to Guangzhou and she persevered until she was recruited as one of the Taobao girls. A talent scout sensed in that young woman without remarkable beauty and harsh voice, but with the self-confidence acquired in a Pekingese market, a potential massive saleswoman. The rest is history.

Kim Kardashian herself asked her for help to market her perfume and in a single session she managed to place 15,000 bottles

Viya placed industrial amounts of what was thrown at him: food, beautifying creams, appliances, cars … In 2019 it equaled its 2018 sales volume in just a few days and in 2020 it did the same in hours. Last year, in addition, exceeded 300 retransmissions with a schedule that ruled out boredom: He would go through the merchandise after lunch, stand in front of the cameras from eight in the afternoon until midnight to finish reviewing the errors with his team at dawn. His ability to sell was so great that the very Kim Kardashian, epitome of the western ‘influencer’, came to her because only the Chinese were ignorant of its perfume, and in a direct joint managed to sell 15,000 bottles of the product. It is not surprising that with these numbers it ended turned into an empire with 200 employees and more than 120 million followers.

No jail

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Now everything has vanished. Her team has been sent home and the sanction has made her ubiquitous invisible after her accounts on Alibaba, Weibo, Douyin and other social networks disappeared. Meanwhile, Viya has followed the script admitting guilt and promising to make amends. If you pay the fine, the lack of a record will get you out of jail.

In a country with elephantine tax fraud and painful social gaps, this is not the first campaign against tax evasion to shake up Chinese stars. Before electronic commerce, it was the turn of the world of cinema. There is the exemplary fine for the actress Fan Bingbing who settled the fictitious contracts of the sector.

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Huang Wei ‘Viya’, la destronada reina de la venta ‘on-line’ china

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