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A24 Screening Room is a streaming video service providing limited-time viewings of films and miniseries from the A24 studio. It launches with The Beach, a unique docu-series that chronicles Australian filmmaker Warwick Thorton’s journey of isolation in a beach shack on the Australian coast. Each moment is still and focused, from his attempts to catch fish and seafood to the delicate process of preparing a meal. The six-part series plays in an endless loop for one week, and viewers can join at any time. Read on for how to join A24 and watch The Beach.

  • When Does The Beach Stream: November 22 through November 29
  • How Many Episodes of The Beach Are There: 6 episodes, streaming nonstop through November 29
  • Where to Watch The Beach: A24 Screening Room

What is A24 Screening Room

A24 Screening Room is a unique viewing experience slated to give limited-window access to new releases from A24 Films, the studio behind films like Zola, Midsummer, and The Green Knight. Launched in February 2021 with Threatened the A24 Screening Room allows viewers access to one-night-only screenings of theatrical releases, as well as unique experiences like the current stream, The Beach.

You can watch A24 Screening Room through apps for Apple TV and Roku TV, as well as through the A24 Screening Room website on a computer.

How Much is A24 Screening Room Entry

A24 Screening Room does not currently have a subscription model. You can create a free account with just an email. Tickets vary in price but are usually $20 for new theatrical releases. You can get a ticket to watch The Beach for just $6 and will have full access to come in and out of the stream at any point up to November 29. The six-part series streams in a constant loop; once in, you can watch any time. There is no stop or start; you just join the stream where it is as Thorton goes about the simple daily tasks of his solitary life. While viewers can briefly pause the stream, after a few seconds it will jump ahead to the active stream when you resume.

About The Beach

The docuseries chronicles filmmaker Warwick Thorton’s attempt to go off the grid and live outside of society in a rustic beach shack on the northwest coast of Australia. Here he catches fish, takes careful, focused time to prepare each meal, strums his guitar, and drives endless circles on the sand. Each shot is quiet, focused, lingering on chopping onions or steaming tea, letting the audience’s senses engage with even the smallest moment. From talking to his chickens to meditating on the curtains over his bed, Thorton’s life in these moments is simple and present.

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How to Watch The Beach on A24 Screening Room – Grounded Reason

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