Highsnob and Hu told their song in the race at Sanremo 2022, “Take care of you”

Highsnob e Hu they are one of the unpublished couples that we will see on the Ariston stage. Their song, Take care of yourself, was the last to arrive at Amadeus and the first to be chosen, as declared by the artistic director himself.

The two artists are not known to everyone, so let’s get to know them better together …

Highsnob and hu together to take care of you

Highsnob, at the registry office Michele Matera debuted as a soloist in September 2016 with the single Harley Quinn (certified gold record), in which it stands out for its ability to blend the sounds of the trap with the power of rhymes and contents deriving from classic rap.

In the course of his career he has released over 30 songs and an independent record bipopular (Believe) released in 2018. Among his most viral songs are The Piano Touch, Wannabe, Wannabe 3, Lies to drink, 23 stab wounds e To hate you I don’t have time.

In October 2020 he releases his second album Which with Sony Music Italy. On the record collaborations with Mambolosco, Nitro, Samuel Heron, Axos, Pacestema, and productions of Datboidee. The new album is expected after the festival.

HU, Federica Ferracuti (class of ’94), is an Italian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

He began studying music at the age of 12, starting from jazz guitar studies and improvisation techniques. Over the years he approaches the study of the piano, bass and cello and then embraces the world of electronic music and production. Following experiences as a session player and several concerts around Italy, in 2016 he starts his artistic project HU.

Over the past two years he has signed several advertising works including the campaign Lamborghini #Real Lovers, Chiara Ferragni Summer Campagin, Anotherness for Malloni and the Night Trailer Generator per Jagermeister. In 2018 she was selected among the 10 finalists of the JAGER MUSIC LAB which allows her to fly to Berlin, winning two special mentions.

In the summer of 2020 “NEON”The single that opens the new musical journey of HU which, in September of the same year, he joined Warner Music Italy and participate in the edition of AmaSanremo (Sanremo Young) of 2021 with the song “EYES NIAGARA“.

In May 2021, “END“, The single that opens a long summer of concerts that lead her to tread some of the largest stages in Italy, both as an artist and as a multi-instrumentalist in Fortuna Tour from Emma Marrone. In the autumn of 2021 she was selected among the RADAR artists of Spotify. In the same period he comes out with “THOUSAND THOUSAND“, Her latest single written co-produced with Tom Beaver.

After the Festival, his new album of unreleased songs will be released.


Able to combine pop and rap with electronics and to combine them with a particular voice, a strong charisma and the care of the lyrics, I highlight these qualities with Take care of yourself, song written by Highsnob which will be co – distributed by Believe Artist Services e Warner Music Italy.

Here’s how the two artists tell it …

Take care of yourself is a passage steeped in authentic truth that leads us to reflect on the sensations and feelings that revolve around the end of a relationship.

The text in its genuine simplicity enhances the painful condition of abandonment, a situation studded with often unbridgeable wounds of the reciprocal parties involved. Although the mourning and suffering for the closure of a story is innate, in the passage we address the person we are about to leave the wish that his journey can continue in the best way, inviting him to take care of himself wherever he will be.

It is a passage that speaks not so much of the end of a story itself, but of the awareness that derives from it, with the wish for universal good.

Besides Highsnob e Hu Take care of yourself avails itself of the precious collaboration of Andry the Hitmaker, beatmaker and pruducer who managed to give the piece that unique and unmistakable contemporary and enveloping sound able to enter the ears from the first listen, touching the deepest chords of the soul.

Regarding their collaboration, the two declare …

We share the great passion for music, the real engine as well as the positive energy that moves our souls, then binds us to a dispassionate and profound truth. We have never had the slightest doubt about our meeting and we are in moral support of each other.

(ph credits: Gabriele Agostinelli, Michele Bonicelli)

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Highsnob and Hu told their song in the race at Sanremo 2022, “Take care of you”

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