Government increases are coming for top executives: the ceiling of 240 thousand euros is missing

Increases are also coming for the salaries of the heads of the public administration. The ceiling set in 2014 at 240 thousand euros can be revised upwards adapting to the increases envisaged by the contractual renewals. The novelty comes with an amendment to the maneuver approved in the Senate and destined to become law: the text travels armored to the Chamber where it will collect the trust and then the definitive ok, a breath away from the provisional exercise.

There is therefore no more room for modification. In this way, what the PA executives have defined over the years as a “stopper” to the growth and enhancement of internal professional skills is removed: with the passage of time, general managers and department heads, whose salaries could continue to grow, found themselves to have paychecks identical to those of their bosses, figures with even institutional responsibilities such as the State Accountant General or the Chief of Police or that of Civil Protection.

Now the number one, even for unlisted investee companies, the same increases of the colleagues they manage may be recognized: the percentage of average increase received by the category to which it belongs, for example 3%, will also be reflected in those with top positions and that will in fact be the new ceiling. The first effects will occur in 2023, it is explained, and being linked to contractual renewals, they will certainly not be annual.

The paragraph contained in the maxi-amendment, and approved during the night rush in the Senate committee, therefore opens the doors to one revision of the rules most recently wanted by the Renzi government. The first close to the checks of the super-executives in fact dates back to 2011 but it was the current leader of IV, three years later, who decided to lower it to 240 thousand euros, judging the choice “sacrosanct”. A choice that in 2017 also received the green light of the Constitutional Court: a sentence decreed that it was a “legitimate” decision, which remained within the bounds of reasonableness.

However, this is not the only measure of budget law which concerns the public administration. In all, as also highlighted by the minister of the PA Renato Brunetta, 1.8 billion are allocated, of which 650 million in 2022, to “give impetus to the reform” of the entire state machine. Accessory salary, new professional system, training (50 million euros), adjustment of the allowances of mayors and councilors are among the main cornerstones. Space also for new hires with a fund destined to finance those for an indefinite period, with 100 million next year that will double in 2023 and 2024 and in addition to what is already provided for by the regulations in force. As well as a push for the grounding of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan with the green light for the extension of collaboration and consultancy contracts until 2026.

Last updated: Wednesday 29 December 2021, 14:59


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Government increases are coming for top executives: the ceiling of 240 thousand euros is missing

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