GF Vip, 29th episode: Biagio, Miriana, Giacomo and Valeria in nomination

GF Vip, live 29th episode: Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan, Giacomo Urtis and Valeria Marini in nomination. During the live broadcast on Monday evening, two new competitors entered: Nathalie Caldonazzo and Barù Gaetani d’Aragona, new competitors. Tension in the studio between Alfonso Signorini and Sonia Bruganelli. On, the news minute by minute.

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01.36 Signorini communicates the nominees

1.26 Biagio, Miriana, Giacomo and Valeria end up in nominations this week. The least voted will be eliminated during Monday’s episode

01.20 Lulù appoints Davide, Carmen – Gianmaria.

01.10 Katia Ricciarelli names Miriana. Sophie – David. Jessica – Urtis & Marini

01.04 The nominations are stopped for a moment to give space to the Christmas balls

01.05 Gianmaria – Urtis & Marini. Miriana – Soleil. Soleil – Miriana

01.00 Manuel – Miriana. Giucas – Gianmaria. Urtis & Marini – Biagio

00.58 Let’s start with the nominations. Biagio appoints Manila. Manila – Giucas. Davide – Urtis & Marini

00.39 This week’s immune: Katia, Sophie and Jessica. The immune of the commentators is Carmen Russo

00.30 The women of the house welcome the new entry Barù Gaetani d’Aragona

00.29 Lulu nominates Biagio

00.25 Between Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan, Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lulù Selassié, Manuel Bortuzzo and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis, the most loved of the public is Lulù

00.22 “I don’t want advice from you – concludes Basciano – the only one who has made theaters here is you”

00.18 Belli attacked via social Basciano who replies thus: “More than writing these things, perhaps it is the case that he deals with his wife”. Belli: «I’m not angry with you, I want to give you some advice, you went around bragging about this and it’s not nice, playing the three card game with women is never nice. The copy and paste part of the tempter does not work “

00.13 The former Temptation Island tempter has shown interest in both Sophie and Soleil

00.08 Clip on Alessandro Basciano

23.50 Surprise in the garden for Manuel, there is his father Franco who talks to everyone except Lulu

23.47 Moment dedicated to Bortuzzo: «Modernity helps us, I don’t choose anything more than the others but just a bit of normality. When I want to make a reservation at the hotel, I always have to check that I can enter … as happens with dogs, when a ramp would be enough “

11:43 PM Sonia returns to the studio and teases Signorini: «Will you give me the floor again? It is not because you have taken my word from me, but the way ». Signorini is a little lamb compared to the previous “aggression”: “Poor, then we’ll clear up later”

23.40 Nathalie Caldonazzo enters as a new competitor, to welcome Giucas Casella who does not recognize her. The paragnost says he had an affair with her too

23.22 Barù Gaetani d’Aragona still in the “hovel” that cooks for unwitting Vippos

23.20 Biagio: «No artistic chemistry but I don’t hide from you that it is a pleasure to breathe it. It is true that I am busy but we are in two different countries, it is a delicate situation, I do not want to deprive myself of living in the house, I want to do it. I take on all the responsibilities “, Miriana:” I’m very happy “

23.17 We turn the page, we talk about the new couple Miriana – Biagio. Clip

23.14 Montano’s reply, but Belli approaches touching him: «I don’t want to do these placed at your house. He made fun of everyone, I believed him a lot, the thing that gnaws at me is that I believed him. You disrespect your wife horribly, or you disrespect the Sun and the public. ” Belli: “Your ex girlfriends have more horns than Santa’s reindeer”

23.12 Aldo: “If you were less self-centered you would do less damage”, Belli: “The only thing you were able to do was raise your hands”

11.11 Montano and Belli launched some social digs, let’s see the clip

23.08 Bortuzzo: «His lack is strong, it has left a great void. I miss opening my eyes and having him beside “

GF Vip, Signorini silences Bruganelli, she furiously leaves the studio: “Let me talk”

23.03 Aldo Montano from the studio greets the boys of the house. Clip with the best of the sample

22.50 It’s time for the “Gf Christmas Show”

22.45 Before leaving, Belli wants to warn Soleil: «Watch out that the real theaters are inside that I want to take advantage of you. Eye Flab! You have the copy-and-paste temptators in there ». The not too veiled reference is in the surroundings of Basciano

22.40 From the studio Adriana Volpe points out: “Everything is fine, but Soleil is not a victim because in this little theater you were together”

22.37 Wendy: «Alex must be ashamed for organizing this plan, to then pass my daughter as a family ruin. Your wife is everywhere like parsley ». Signorini also asks Belli why he did not defend Soleil during his wife’s attacks: “Delia is a wounded woman and I will always defend her”

GF Vip, Alex Belli attacks Soleil: “You turned your back on me”, she replies: “Stop your wife”

22.34 Belli: «I will repeat it indefinitely, I love Sole very much. My wife is ill, I take on all the responsibilities. I don’t want to bring my problems into you, I can’t change Delia’s ideas », Soleil attacks:« I’ve seen some bad scenes and if it’s true that your wife is sick, keep her out. I love you for my soul but you have to respect me, you and your wife. If you told her the truth why do you think I am the one who is in love with you? “

22.33 For Wendy Alex and delia they organized everything from the outside: “I’m glad it’s over”. Alex Belli arrives

22.30 Wendy, Sole’s mother comforts her daughter: «You didn’t deserve it, but this week you’re flying alone. Outside everyone loves you, you don’t know how many women appreciate your character and your dialectic and they are all with you. We miss you like air “

22.27 Signorini shows Sole the stories of Alex and Delia’s kisses, who replies: “Those who love each other don’t flaunt these kisses like this.” He stands on the catwalk, is about to meet his mother

22.17 Alex warms up: «I don’t accept that you pass this message. I in Sole wanted a world of good. I defend her and my wife who has been ill, more than telling her that I love her, she is the one who turned her back on me as soon as I left “

22.12 Soleil sees the interview of Alex Belli and his wife with Verissimo, but Soleil laughs heartily: «The one who lacks respect is not me but it is Delia who lacks respect for herself, forgiving him. I repeat the worst is what was out of the sheets. I understand the hurt woman but I don’t understand Alex as a friend who keeps walking around with his wife making her say those things. I’ve never been in love with you, it’s you who have to go to a consultant “

09.22 Signorini still asks Soleil about the famous night under the sheets: “I am wounded as a friend but not as a woman, I would do everything I lived with Alex again”. Signorini, however, points out: “Would you make love again?”, But Soleil denies: “We never did, I understand that how our friendship was misunderstood that movement under the sheets may have been misunderstood”

22.08 Soleil: «I appreciate everything I experienced with Alex, but he opened my eyes to his way of being that I didn’t like. But now I have to go on “

22.03 Clip on Soleil, we still talk about the threesome with Alex Belli and Delia, let’s review last Friday’s meeting always during the live broadcast

21.58 The ballet in particular highlighted the first women of the house and their desire to excel

21.51 During the week the Vippos studied for the “Gf Christmas Show”, Which however created many problems. Clip first

21.49 tonight in the house two new entrants: Nathalie Caldonazzo and Barù Gaetani d’Aragona. While the nominations are: Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan, Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lulù Selassié, Manuel Bortuzzo and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis

21.45 There is an air of Christmas even in the studio of Big Brother Vip. Signorini enters

21.41 The advances by Alfonso Signorini. Tonight again face to face, for Soleil there is mother Wendy. For Bortuzzo the father

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gfvip diretta caldonazzo baru 20163802

After Eva Grimaldi, Federica Calemme and Alessandro Basciano, two other new entrances to the Casa del Big Brother Vip: to cross the Red Door will be Nathalie Caldonazzo and Barù Gaetani d’Aragona who will join the group.

Tonight will be an evening full of exciting surprises: Manuel Bortuzzo, in fact, will meet his father and Soleil Sorge will have the opportunity to see his mother again. Nominated: Biagio D’Anelli, Miriana Trevisan, Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Lulù Selassié, Manuel Bortuzzo and Valeria Marini & Giacomo Urtis.

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GF Vip, 29th episode: Biagio, Miriana, Giacomo and Valeria in nomination

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