Garavaglia still promises cig and compensation but it seems a jammed record

Here we go again. We could perhaps think of a column. Because we are still here talking about the minister Massimo Garavaglia and his promises (almost never kept). Sometimes it almost feels like you’re listening to a broken record. One of those old vinyls, now back in fashion, which enchanted themselves on the same track until someone decided to move the needle …

This time the minister, who has been rather presentialist for the truth in recent times, was interviewed by Repubblica, through whose columns he wanted “Reassure the category: we have sent all the rules (of the Sostegni decree, ed) to the Mef. The law will arrive next Thursday ”. But shouldn’t the term already have been that of today? Patience will be said, the important thing is that there are resources. “A billion and a half would be needed just for tourism, in addition to the 700 million for the Cig Covid extension that have already been allocated by the budget law”, adds in fact, always Garavaglia. Are you all right then? In reality, the use of the conditional is worrying, and in fact, the minister continues, “if it is not a billion and a half it may be a little less, but in any case we are talking about important figures “… In short, few ideas but rather confused. There is anything but to rest assured.

Also because Massimo Garavaglia of promises, as we said, has never been stingy: already last December 16 in a television program he had guaranteed the extension of the cig for those who work in tourism, as well as the allocation of 100 million euros for indemnities, to which other recoverable funds in the budget folds should have been added. But then the layoffs expired on the 31st of the same month, while the folds of the Bilancio sheet not only proved not very generous with the sector but also swallowed up, evidently by distraction, the paltry 100 million already fully insured.

Don’t worry, though: a couple of weeks later, our minister returned to office and again asked for an extension of the layoffs. But how? Wasn’t it guaranteed? And then, ask who? To the same government of which he is an integral part? In the meantime, no trace of the indemnities has been definitively lost. Maybe they sent the Budget sheet to the laundry …

But Garavaglia still found the culprit of this whole situation. After all, the important thing is to unload the barrel. What weighs down the sector, the minister always declared on December 28, is not so much the pandemic, and the inability of his government to adequately support the sector, but the media and their excessive alarmism. Well, yeswe are on the right path to avoid talking too much about serious planning and economic supports, of which unfortunately there is no trace.

After the New Year, Garavaglia is therefore back in charge. And earlier this week from the Italy pavilion of Expo Dubai he once again assured: the government is moving towards the extension of the Covid fund for the sectors most affected by the pandemic and is preparing new refreshments.

Until a while ago, a politician who loved to reassure everyone with a laconic “Be calm“. We all know then how it ended. Let’s hope that history doesn’t repeat itself again. And that the turntable needle finally moves to the next track.

Massimiliano Sarti

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Garavaglia still promises cig and compensation but it seems a jammed record

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