Gaga Muhammad Asks Laura Anna for Expensive Items, Deddy Corbuzier: If You Are Poor, Don’t Buy It : Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – The late brother Laura Anna, Greta Irene admitted that she was upset to hear the statement of the family of Gaga Muhammad in public. According to Greta, they seem to be leading the opinion that their family is only oriented towards material or money or material because they are asking for compensation for the accident that happened to Laura Anna.

To Deddy Corbuzier, Greta Irene then exposed the treatment of Gaga Muhammad to her sister. The reason is that it was Gaga who often asked for money from the late Laura Anna during her life. In fact, once asked for money to buy a motorbike.

“They always make things in the media like our family is really stuck. Honestly, she doesn’t even know what her child is with Laura,” said Greta Irene on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel, quoted on Thursday (12/30/20210).

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Furthermore, Greta Irene shared that Gaga once asked Laura for Rp5 million to buy a motorcycle. Whereas previously his sister had given him a gift of 10 million rupiah.

“He (Gaga) bought a motorbike, then Laura gave a gift to Gayung (Gaga’s pseudonym) Rp. 10 million, then she bravely asked Laura ‘By this is not enough money, can I add more or not’ asking for 5 million so that he can buy a motorbike, he can also buy a motorbike. So that’s half of it, “said Greta Irene.

Not only that, Gaga has also asked Laura to buy a glove from a well-known streetwear brand from the United States, Supreme. Of course the gloves are priced at millions of rupiah considering the brand name is already well known throughout the world.

“He asked Laura to buy Supreme Gloves,” Greta said.

Hearing this, Deddy Corbuzier’s emotions immediately peaked. He immediately cut off the conversation and didn’t hesitate to curse Laura Anna’s ex-lover.

“This is for anyone, sorry, I’m a bit emotional too, if you are the son of a rich person but you are matre, you will be punished. If you’re poor, don’t buy Supreme Gloves!” said Deddy Corbuzier.

“The style is exorbitant but still begging, I’ve always been very annoyed,” said Greta.

Greta Irene had actually been harboring this emotion for a long time. Moreover, Gaga asked for money when Laura Anna was already in a state of paralysis. Greta just couldn’t understand it, Gaga, who has a healthy body, actually begged with helpless people.

So far, Greta Irene has always been silent and patient in order to protect her sister’s feelings. Moreover, the money belonged to the deceased. He also felt that he had no right to regulate his sister’s wishes at that time. Even so, he was still very upset about the incident.

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Gaga Muhammad Asks Laura Anna for Expensive Items, Deddy Corbuzier: If You Are Poor, Don’t Buy It : Okezone Celebrity

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