Forbes 2020 Selection | 7 things you did not know about ‘Parasite’, the Best Picture of the Oscar 2020

‘Parasite’ has made history. The latest film from the South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho has conquered even the most specialized critics in the world of cinema for the excellent execution of the plot within the film that became the surprise of the Oscar taking home four of his six nominations: Best Film, Best International Film, Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

With a strong charge of social criticism, according to the director’s work, ‘Parasite’ dismembers a dependent society where social classes challenge each other to build a story that captures the viewer’s attention from its first minutes.

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Bong Joon-ho He is a meticulous director and this film proves it. The execution of the story, the script and the construction of the characters are consolidated in a film that many experts are considering ‘the best of 2019’.

The director returns to his origins to give life to a story told from his native country. In it he exposes families of totally opposite social classes... and the script is so well constructed that it will be difficult for the viewer to trace a path to the outcome of the plot.

The least imagined situations come to light and they oppose and criticize with the tools of the cinema. Each action triggers a reaction in these ‘parasites’ whose limitation is the same system in which they operate.

Here we share some data that surrounds the film and that makes it even more surprising on its way to the Oscar.


It is the fourth film in which the actor Song Kang-ho participates with the director.

1.- It is inspired by the director’s experiences

Bong Joon-ho took his own experiences to develop the script for ‘Parasites’. When he was young he worked as a private teacher in the home of a wealthy family in South Korea; that’s where the plot starts. In some interviews he himself confessed to having felt an intruder within that family by living in a world to which he did not belong.

2.- Song Kang-ho, the other side of a creative duo

People say that ‘Parasite’ could not see the light yes Song Kang-ho, its protagonist, was not in the cast. This unique actor has accompanied the Korean director in four of his productions. It has been a joint effort that has forged a dumbbell of mutual inspiration and professionalism. Bong Joon-ho He also stated that, when constructing the script, he always thought about having the actor’s approval.

3. Return to the origin

The tape consumed too much energy from the director. His conception pushed him to the limit, even more than other of his films. This is when considering the challenge of doing a Korean production after trying productions for other countries. The protagonists bet on the project at all times, although it still had no head or tail. For Song Kang-ho y Choi Woo-shik It was easy to accept even without knowing their roles because they had previously worked with the director.

4.- Education as an assembly of the plot

How could two families of such opposing classes converge in the film? The director has explained that this is due to education. This was the only compelling alternative for the character to enter the house to work as a teacher, a situation that could be accepted in the current South Korea without losing veracity.

Parasite Bong Joon-ho

The house was built especially for the film and is an essential part of the plot.

5.- The house, the other protagonist

Who has seen ‘Parasite’ confirms that the house is the place that concentrates the core points of the plot. This space was also strategically thought by Bong Joon-ho. The director meticulously designed her to be an essential part of the film, making her, to some extent, just another character. It was thus that each corner was conceived to adapt to aesthetic shots and considering the contribution of light and colors that they would contribute to the scenes.

6.- Harvest of recognitions

Perhaps many do not remember, but ‘Parasite’ premiered in the last edition of Cannes film festival, where it was crowned with the Golden palm and since then it was already projected as one of the strong cards for the coming awards ceremonies. The director, however, had already conquered Cannes with the first original film by Netflix who managed to enter the festival: ‘Okay’.

Thus, in the last edition of the Golden Globes started his way to Oscar with the right foot when winning the category of Best Foreign Film. For this reason, this is considered to be only the beginning of a harvest of prizes.

7.- Oscar for ‘Best Picture’ in sight?

It is not impossible. ‘Parasites’, in addition to competing -and being a favorite- in the category a Best Foreign Filma, it could make history if it wins the ‘Best Picture’ category. This, a shortlist of which it is also expected to be a part. This puts other critical favorites at risk, such as ‘The Irishman’ o ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’.

Long months passed so that the tape could reach our country just a few days before the end of the 2019. Since then, those who have had the opportunity to enjoy it have succumbed to the director’s peculiar narrative, who makes it clear Why Your Movie Could Change Everything in Awards Season that starts.

This text was originally published on February 10 2020.

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Forbes 2020 Selection | 7 things you did not know about ‘Parasite’, the Best Picture of the Oscar 2020

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