Flavio Briatore taken to pizza by 4 chefs from Rome: “We know how to do it”

A “chic pizzeria” to relaunch the Dolce Vita, because pizza is «an important product, but it is presented in a cheap way». And again, with “an approximate service, stuff that doesn’t entice you to stay in the club”. The words of Flavio Briatore to “La Repubblica” for his “Crazy Pizza” chain, in via Vittorio Veneto in Rome, could not fail to provoke pizza lovers and lovers, as well as obviously the protagonists of the sector. The announcement quickly took on the flavor of a real challenge launched to the Capital and to the excellence of the cuisine of the most popular Italian dish in the world: pizza. So here’s how some of the great pizza names in Rome think. Briatore’s challenge, if anything were needed, has been taken up. In January there will be sparks, in the wood oven …

Gino Sorbillo’s answer: “Dear Flavio, the mother of all pizzas is only Neapolitan”

«The mother of all pizzas is the Neapolitan, who has conquered the world and is a UNESCO heritage site – he declares Gino Sorbillo, lord of “Mother Yeast” – L’Urbe has a good pizza, even from the Roman school, there are pizza chefs worthy of great attention, who have won important awards. And great inventions such as the Trapizzino. The space that Briatore would like to fill is anything but empty, Rome also has a strong identity in pizza ».

Gino Sorbillo

Edoardo Papa’s response: “His arrival does not scare us: we are already like starred clubs”

«It would be a pleasure if Briatore came to us to understand what pizza means – says Edoardo Papa, soul of “In the Forge” – We are the first to be convinced that the more we are, the better we are, if the pizza is obviously of a high standard. I’ll compliment him if his pizza is good. We have nothing of the classic pizzeria, the one with a “low profile” cut: now the mise en place is like a starred restaurant and after 19th we will close to prepare for new adventures ».

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Edward Pope

Stefano Callegari’s response: “Here we like the easy style: taste and few frills in the service”

“Rome likes what is easy, even in its approach to catering – he says Stefano Callegari, creator of Trapizzino and other addresses that have become reference points for pizza -. We Romans are a bit cynical and practical. Here people don’t want a lot of superstructures but want to be quiet and enjoy a good pizza. It is no coincidence that one of the most popular pizzerias has always been “Ai Marmi”, where the service is very fast ».

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Stefano Callegari

PierDaniele Seu’s response: “We are the Champions League in terms of quality and mixing technique”

“As in Naples and throughout Italy, even in the capital for about ten years the pizza has almost reached perfection, it is at starry levels – he says Pierdaniele Seu, lord of Seu Pizza Illuminati – for quality, technique, service, wine list and so on. We always think of the pizzeria as something of Serie B, but now it is of Serie A, indeed from the Champions League. Before speaking, you should always read up on your research and do a market research ».

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Pierdaniele Yours

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Flavio Briatore taken to pizza by 4 chefs from Rome: “We know how to do it”

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