Five questions to oils? young 2021 competing in Sanremo with “Smalto e tinta”

Among the artists competing a Sanremo youth 2021 there is was?, songwriter 2.0 that we have already learned to know and love with a song about depression and panic attacks, Angels and Demons, and which now shows another side of itself with Enamel and tint. We took the opportunity to let you know better, like all the talents of Sanremo young, carrying out an interview with him.

In the course of 2021 oils? released four singles with the production of Riccardo Scirè: O2, Kiss me Kill me, ZITTIX ALWAYS e Fuck love.

Five questions to oils?

Hello oils? Welcome back to AMI and congratulations on this new milestone. What does it mean for you to go on stage in Sanremo young people?

Hi guys!!! Thank you, from my heart, first of all.

Going on the stage of Sanremo Giovani is a huge gift. The first thought goes to my grandparents who have always supported me, teaching me and encouraging me to dare. As I often say, even having millions of streams on Spotify, for 85-year-old grandparents, doesn’t mean much; giving them the satisfaction of seeing me on TV in Sanremo is quite another thing.

In addition to this gratitude, there is also the desire to reap after years of sowing.

Let’s pretend that those who are reading us don’t know your music, how would you define it and how would you define yourself as an artist?

Sincere, definitely. Brutally sincere and crude at times. I don’t like to classify myself in a genre, also because I believe that genres are falling apart with the passage of time. Surely the attitude is punk: desire for revolution, to change the rules, to leave a mark.

In all this I also see myself as an artist. My aim is not only to entertain or ” make hits ”, but mainly to tell about realities, even uncomfortable ones, by talking to people. I want to move something. I almost have the feeling that humanity is losing humanity and I, as long as I am given the opportunity, will fight to prevent it from happening.

The song that you will present in the competition is called “Smalto e tinta”, what can you tell us about the meaning and mood of this song?

Distorted guitars and pop melodies. Enamel and Tintis a playful hymn to free love. It opens with a bass riff and a quote ad Anna And Marco of the immense Lucio Dalla, which assists me in wanting to reiterate how important it is, today more than ever, to be free to love and express yourself as you see fit.

No preaching, no teaching, no judgment, only passion and arrogance in the lyrics of the song, which metaphorically sees the world through the eyes of an orgy. “Me, you and him, me, you and her, it’s ok!

An uncomfortable question but in my opinion inevitable given the great contrasts of the country in which we live. Did you receive more praise or offensive comments for the look and image adopted for this song?

I received a lot of praise, some true, others ” due ” and just as much criticism. I tend not to listen to any of the bells. I wear a miniskirt, because I feel comfortable and it fully expresses my personality. And I repeat ” personality ”, not necessarily sexuality. I don’t feel like a champion or inventor of anything, from this point of view.

I only argue that, as far as the expression of oneself through clothing is concerned, we have stopped at the first industrialization (early 1900s), when suddenly blue became the color for men and pink for women. It used to be the other way around. Have you ever seen a representation of the Madonna in pink? Hardly. It is always seen in blue.

Before, men wore wigs and made up and it was normal. Here, I believe that in 2021 it is ridiculous and serious to point out, judge, marginalize someone, for their way of expressing themselves.

Try to think of Sanremo and visualize a memory … a song, an artist … what comes to your mind related to the Festival?

Me, my grandparents, the cold snow of Belluno outside, the warmth of the fireplace and love inside. My grandmother who dances to some songs and some others stops, looks at me and says: ”Well, you are better than this one here! You will see that sooner or later we will see you there!’’

The song that the reader should, in your opinion, absolutely listen to in your discography?

Enamel and Tint it currently shows my more playful / sensual side, so on the other hand, I would recommend listening Angels and Demons, which deals with my darker side. I think it’s important to let people know that you can be either one or the other.

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Five questions to oils? young 2021 competing in Sanremo with “Smalto e tinta”

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