Ffp2 masks at a controlled price, that’s how much they will cost. Costa: “Other Regions towards the change of color”

the Ffp2 masks at a controlled price become mandatory in some particular situations and the debate on the price and the demand for calm him down: but how much will they cost? And still super Green pass even at work (or vaccination obligation) and school in attendance from 10 January. These are the fundamental issues highlighted by the Undersecretary for Health Andrea Costa, who spoke this morning to Non Stop News on Rtl 102.5. “A precise answer was given on the Ffp2 masks at a controlled price in yesterday’s CDM”, underlined Costa.

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Calmed Ffp2 masks, how much will they cost

Ma how much will they cost? “I believe that we have to think in the order of ideas of 1 euro. I believe this is the goal that we must give ourselves and we have instructed the structure of Commissioner Figliuolo to start a path with pharmacies and not only to reach a controlled price, as has been done for tampons “. In the approved decree “an ad hoc article was written and I believe it is a right measure – added Costa – Because when we forced the citizens, even those who have been vaccinated, to wear the Ffp2 masks “in certain situations,” I think it is not right to burden them with additional costs “.

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Super Green pass at work and vaccination obligation

“I am convinced that in a few days we will return to the theme” of Super Green pass for work, “And perhaps there will be the conditions or to even expand the obligation of vaccine» anti-Covid «for some categories or to extend the Super Green pass to some categories of workers», said Costa. “I believe yesterday’s” in the CDM “a first step”, he stressed, confirming that the Super Green pass at work “is a point that certainly highlighted different positions within the majority. However, I am confident that in the next few days the issue will certainly be dealt with again – he reiterated – and I am convinced that this will also lead to a progression ».

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How many the obligation to vaccinate, “We have already foreseen it for some categories and we have done it much earlier than other European countries – recalled Costa – Now in the field we have the tool of the Super Green pass which basically represents an incentive for vaccination”, therefore “we trust that the extension of the use of the Super Green pass can on the one hand reduce the problem related to tampons and at the same time encourage citizens to vaccinate ».

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«​School in attendance, fundamental vaccine»

For the school “we have allocated important resources, we had the availability of the commissioner” for the controls “and we are convinced to respect the resumption of lessons” in presence “for 10 January. This is an objective that we absolutely must achieve and we are convinced that, through monitoring, a screening with swabs, we can create these conditions “. “Among other things – he added – we must also evaluate in these days how the» anti-Covid «vaccination of the under 12 audience will go. This is also a fundamental element that will be important to then reflect and make decisions”, he specified . “Let’s take advantage of this moment of closure” of the schools “to speed up the vaccination” of the children, is the invitation of the undersecretary who defines the first data as “positive”.

Regions to other color changes

“There is no doubt that we are facing a situation in which the Omicron variant is significantly increasing the number of infections” Covid, although “fortunately there is not the usual proportion in the increase in hospitalized. But it is clear that the measures adopted yesterday we hope will allow us to face and manage this delicate and decisive moment ». There are other color changes in sight for the regions? “We obviously evaluate what will be the definitive precise data”, but for Costa “it is reasonable to think that there are certainly other color changes because in any case, even if it is not proportionally equal to the increase in infections, there is a constant increase as regards the hospitalized both in ordinary wards and in intensive care, there is an increase in the number of infections, so it is reasonable to think that there may be new color changes “.

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Ffp2 masks at a controlled price, that’s how much they will cost. Costa: “Other Regions towards the change of color”

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