False Covid vaccinations in exchange for 400 euros, a nurse and a No Vax leader among those arrested

Fake vaccinations in exchange for 400 euros: three stops are triggered. The nurse emptied the vaccine from the syringe into gauze and then pretended to inject the dose. To find out were the policemen of the Digos of Palermo who today arrested three people accused of corruption, false ideological in public act and embezzlement.

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The woman was a nurse on duty at the vaccination hub of the Mediterranean Fair in Palermo. The images of the cameras placed in the hub and numerous interceptions made it possible to unmask the work of the three. At the base, an agreement according to which the nurse, for a cash payment, would have pretended to vaccinate the other two suspects and two family members of one of the two.

Green passes of fake vaccinated people have been blocked

The same nurse would also have carried out eight other false vaccinations, including another nurse on duty at the hub and a member of the police on duty at the Palermo Police Headquarters. All fake Green Passes resulting from fake vaccinations have been blocked. The investigations, at the moment, have ruled out the involvement of the doctors operating at the Fiera del Mediterraneo and the managers of the hub.

Those arrested are Filippo Accept (photo, above), local leader of the No Vax movement and also protagonist of some national events, Giuseppe Tomasino and Anna Maria Lo Brano, a nurse who works at the Civic hospital and pretended to inoculate vaccines in the hub of the Mediterranean Fair.

The nurse who worked in the vaccination hub of the Palermo Mediterranean Fair would have collected 400 euros for each fake anti-covid vaccine. Among the fake vaccinated, in addition to the leader of the No vax Filippo Accept and to the friend Giuseppe Tomasino, also two relatives of the latter. The Digos agents traced back to the three thanks to telephone and environmental wiretapping and video footage in the vaccination center, which made it possible to ascertain that the nurse had carried out eight other false vaccinations, including another nurse who worked at the Fiera del Mediterraneo and a policeman from the Palermo police headquarters. Finally, the computer data entered in the “National digital green certificate platform” of the Ministry of Health were seized – with consequent suspension and blocking of their Green Pass operations of all the subjects who carried out the false vaccines.

«With today’s arrests a sad and, at the same time, disconcerting chapter closes. For greater clarity: not only are doctors and managers of the Mediterranean Fair not under investigation, but since the beginning of the investigations, the referent of the vaccination hub Rosario Iacobucci and other staff members have provided the investigators with all possible support “. The commissioner for the Covid emergency in Palermo, Renato Costa, says in a note. “It was first and foremost our interest that those responsible were identified, to put an end to a scam that, although episodic – adds Costa -, is all the more hateful because it takes place within the walls of a vaccination hub, a place where people seek protection from virus. In this matter, I would like to say, all the workers of the Mediterranean Fair feel betrayed and damaged, because the accusations against the three suspects, if confirmed, would row against everything we spend every day for, spending whole days in this hub: to convince , reassure, raise awareness of the vaccine, which is the only way out of the pandemic “

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False Covid vaccinations in exchange for 400 euros, a nurse and a No Vax leader among those arrested

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