Fabrizio Pregliasco to Leggo: «We will exceed 100 thousand infections. What to do? Hyperlocal red zones or no-vax lockdown “

Professor Pregliasco, Italians are scared and confused right now. Tuesday’s data is very high. They were predictable, but they make an impression. With the new year we too will touch the hundred thousand infections a day?

“I really think so, and it will go on until the end of January and beyond. I hope the three-dose vaccination can ease the tide. I fear that other types of measures will also have to be envisaged ”.

Do you think about smart working or a return to Dad?

“No, we’ll think about this later, seeing how this wave evolves”

What would he do?

“Certainly we need to take progressive steps, intervening at the local level by surgically identifying orange or red areas. Or with more extreme measures such as the lockdown of the unvaccinated “

Professor, do we need to review the parameters with which the regions change color today and which are linked to hospital data?

“Perhaps we should think in a more localized, more surgical way as I said before. Maybe by applying them at the provincial level ».

Let’s try to clarify: does Omicron lead to a less severe disease than Delta and the original Covid?

«It would seem. We must continue to evaluate. Mortality with Omicron in South Africa dropped to 0.23. But there is a younger population there and the temperatures are different right now than we have here in the middle of winter. It is certainly less mild for the vaccinated ».

Is it a sign that Covid is becoming endemic?

«All viruses try to be as mild as possible to survive – without killing the host – in order to be transmitted better. And Omicron seems to do it very well ».

Is it true that the Omicron curve is very sudden in the ascent and in reaching its peak and then just as fast in the descent?

“So it was in several countries that they anticipated us. It could be that this resolves very quickly. We must consider what we are experiencing as what happens when a stone is thrown into the pond: we will have various waves “

Why in England, where there are about twice as many infections as ours, are there the same numbers of deaths?

“They had the wave first. They have been through more difficult times in the past few weeks. Not to mention that it is never easy to make these comparisons ».

Do you agree with those who hypothesize to reduce the quarantine of close contacts of positives?

“The thing has its own why. By now we know that contagiousness is concentrated in the first days of the illness. This is why isolating the close contacts of the positives for five days and then “freeing” them after a swab makes sense. The important thing is that the quarantine lasts a little longer for the unvaccinated ».

Professor: after the holidays can we resume our normal life by going to the office and our children to school in front of these numbers?

“We are in the season in which respiratory viruses proliferate. In January we will have the peak of this wave, then we will have others, probably smaller next autumn and winter, after the tranquility of summer. In the meantime, we must see how this wave is proceeding in order to make the appropriate decisions on the various issues “

Last updated: Wednesday 29 December 2021, 08:34


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Fabrizio Pregliasco to Leggo: «We will exceed 100 thousand infections. What to do? Hyperlocal red zones or no-vax lockdown ”

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