Fabrizio Corona, new dig on TV to Ilary Blasi: “The mother brought me her naked photos”

Fabrizio Corona never misses an opportunity to put himself in the middle of the storms. Indeed Fabrizio Corona creates the storms. The former king of paparazzi is back on TV and he does it in a Neapolitan broadcaster on Canale 21 guest at the Peppy Night Fest the show hosted by Peppe Iodice and he does it with a smoked cheese in hand. «This is Ilary’s smoked cheese Blasi “. The breaded coductor stops it immediately: “Now you’re making me quarrel with everyone.” Not satisfied, Corona seasoned it all by showing his body in a striptease: “At 50 I think I’m still fit.” But the dig at Ilary Blasi has now been shot and must be explained.

Fabrizio Corona is back on TV against Ilary Blasi

«The difference between me and all the other characters in the show is this. If I go to any show, if anyone from the show comes, I can really tell you who he is, where he comes from and why. This is my job. These characters I invented them all myself». And after the joke to Pippo Baudo, the list of VIPs starts who must, in his opinion, say a “thank you” to Fabrizio. «Gregoraci? I made her engaged to Briatore. Ilary Blasi? At 16 he came with his mother who brought me the book with her nude photos».

Corona and women

But then we change the subject and talk about love. Which flirtations were real and which were false compared to those studied at the table. «With Belen Rodriguez? They are on excellent terms». Then on the videowall a photo of Nina Moric: «Nina is a cross and a delight, but she always remains the mother of my son». And on Asia Argento: «Asia Argento? In our madness, we found each other and shared a moment of our madness». But then of course he added more: «All three are still in love with me: Nina, Asia and Belen».

The relationship with Lele Mora

But Iodice wants to find out more about and asks: “But who is Fabrizio Corona?”, “One thing I say ironically, without offending anyone, is that I am God». Then we talk about his former friend lele Mora: “Professionally it’s worth nothing, I don’t have relationships anymore and I’m sorry. He has lost everything. This job is not done with luck and he doesn’t have the skills. It is lost, the good remains. But from a professional point of view, Lele Mora is worth nothing. In the 2000s we ruled Italy. Today he has nothing left».

The carreer

But Fabrizio can no longer find a space for his profession in today’s world: «I was not a photographer, I was the photographer’s agent. The paparazzi no longer exist. Today, newspapers and Instagram don’t tell the truth. That world there, my world, is a dead world».


But Corona made some mistakes and the host asks him a question to try to understand how he lived these years of legal problems: «Glooking at you here in flesh and blood. I would like to understand what mistakes you acknowledge you have made“. Corona has no doubts: «In my opinion, I didn’t make mistakes. There is this word: hubris. It’s a power intoxication. When you reach the age of thirty and from nothing you managed to command, make money, have the world in your hand, when you have no friends and you are alone against power, you turn against the powerful and then they make you pay. Because I was alone against the power. The only mistakes I’ve made in my life: wanting everything immediately. But I wouldn’t change anything. I would also do the six years in prison I did».

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Fabrizio Corona, new dig on TV to Ilary Blasi: “The mother brought me her naked photos”

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