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Ah! Family evenings …

This little cocoon in which it should be good to meet in the evening, to share our discoveries of the day, our projects, our difficulties, and have a real good time together… Yet this moment of reunion is often polluted by all this logistics: the preparation of the meal, the storage, but also by the homework of our little ones 😵 and the screens of our big ones 🤯.

After a busy day, we usually want to rest. It is already not easy to be physically available for our children, but it is even less so mentally! We don’t want him to make noise, to scream, we would like him to speed up the shower-bath-must-brushing routine in order to be able to hope to spend a little time together. doesn’t feel like fighting or negotiating and our ability to listen is strained.

Yet the engine of our family is good this quality time with our children, it is these moments of complicity which strengthen our bonds, which nourish our relationship, and which make each of us want to please the other, because we feel “connected” to them. Besides, why did we want children at the base? (yes yes at the very beginning?) To simply “love” them! To enjoy moments with them, “to share” .. No, our goal was not to become responsible for the timing, in charge of making them accelerate, of telling them all day long what is wrong, what it should be doing .. wearing out. Granted, this is part of the parent package … But shouldn’t we keep in mind that our primary objective, is above all to “connect with them”, to know “how they are doing”, to bring joy to our family, to take care of these moments together?

Easy to say, less easy to do you would say! However, we are not talking about “spending a lot of time together”, nor of taking 1 hour to play with them. Although, of course that would be very cool! But in the evening by finding them, it’s about privileging our relationship, from take the time to look at them, to listen to them, to love them. And the rest after. First, I show you that I’m happy to see you again, no matter if your homework is done, first I’m interested in how you are, how you feel, before trying to know your grades. First I’m interested in what you’re doing: “What game do you play? You show me? ”, Before trying at all costs to do“ what to do ”.

Not easy, but little by little we can train ourselves to tend towards this for our own happiness as a parent, but also for that of our child.

So I wish you to return home this evening with the simple first intention of sharing quality time with your family. And already it is HUGE.

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Evenings with our children: what if we enjoyed it? – COOL PARENTS MAKE HAPPY KIDS

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