Electricity and gas bills in 10 installments in 2022 against price increases. The TV bonus has been extended

Bills in 10 installments to further dilute the increases which, despite the efforts, will still penalize families. And the return of the TV bonus, accompanied by the decoder delivered at home to the elderly with low incomes who cannot change the TV. After a long wait, the government deposits its “maxi-amendment” to the maneuver in the Senate, an omnibus package that ranges from an agreement on tax cuts to new measures against the rise in electricity and gas prices and embraces the most varied topics, from funds for the school to those for fires up to the new municipal-saving intervention, which hides the risk of an increase in local taxes to settle the accounts of the big cities. The works at Palazzo Madama, in fact, have never started: the negotiations between the majority and the government on the amendments to the Budget law have so far taken place entirely between more or less formal meetings, pending the government amendment.

The groups would have undertaken to submit fewer requestsand possible correction, given that the package is the result of the long negotiations of recent weeks. But discontent begins to spread among the senators because at the last moment not only relocations have sprung up, which should enter as a further proposal from the government, but also the stabilization of honorary magistrates, on which Italy risks a European infringement procedure. These latest amendments have not yet been filed, just as several thorny issues are still missing, starting with the Superbonus: the parties remain pressing above all to eliminate the Isee roof on the villas which, however, has high costs in the years to come.

The agreement on 110% also brings with it the other bonuses, from the one for the furniture to the bonus facades, which are still waiting for an answer. Voting should not begin until Sunday afternoon with the declared intention of opening a river session until the mandate to the rapporteur. The maneuver voted all in one night would be an unprecedented one but to close at least in the Senate before Christmas it is now necessary to tighten the times as much as possible. Meanwhile, the government presents the details of the 8 billion for the tax cut: the levy on individuals will be at 4 rates (23%, 25%, 35%, 43%), and the deductions are also rewritten, with a saving clause. Irpef bonus for low incomes. There is the cancellation of IRAP for 835 thousand self-employed (which is worth about 1.2 billion when fully operational).

And it arrives, included in the personal income tax package, also a 0.8% discount on income contributions up to € 35,000. For families there will be a further temporary relief on the bills, which can be spread in 10 installments thanks to 1 billion that the ARERA will be able to pay to companies as advances. As promised, the government then takes over the rewriting of the Patent box, bringing the incentive on patents from 90% to 110% (excluding trademarks) and eliminating the accumulation with the tax credit for research and development.

New funds have also been allocated for the school, with 100 million that will be used for the extension of 7,800 fixed-term contracts for Ata staff hired during Covid, and another 60 million for the enhancement of teachers. The extension of the Safe Streets program is also extended to March for the military and 50 million more for the structure of the commissioner for “logistical services”. The metropolitan cities in pre-collapse (including Naples, Palermo, Turin and Reggio Calabria) will receive a contribution of 2.7 billion to save their budgets but in exchange they will have to sign a pact for the settlement of the deficit based on spending review, better collection and, if necessary, on the increase of additional personal income tax or port and airport embarkation taxes. The ad hoc company for the 2025 jubilee also arrives and the definition of powers for the commissioner (already identified in the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri).

Main points:

Income. The government’s amendment to the maneuver includes the exemption from social security contributions of 0.8 percentage points for employees (with the exclusion of domestic relationships) with a maximum salary of 2,692 euros per month, or 35,000 euros per year considering thirteen months. This is, it is explained, an “exceptional” measure referring only to the period January 1st-December 31st 2022. The amendment acknowledges the agreement reached at Palazzo Chigi a couple of weeks ago.

Change personal income tax. Here comes the new 4-rate tax system: the government amendment to the maneuver provides for it, which also rewrites the system of deductions and introduces an Irpef-saving bonus clause for low incomes. In detail, the rates go from 5 to 4 and will be 23% for incomes up to 15 thousand euros, 25% for incomes between 15 and 28 thousand euros, 35% between 28 thousand and 50 thousand euros and 43% above this threshold. For incomes up to 15 thousand euros, the bonus of 100 euros also remains, which remains, at least in part, even up to 28 thousand euros to avoid anyone losing out with the mix of new personal income tax, deductions and absorption of the bonus.

Bonus Tv. The TV and decoder bonus is refinanced: in 2022, 68 million euros will arrive for the purchase of equipment in line with the new technological standards. The government amendment to the maneuver provides for this, which also aims to reduce the digital divide of older people with lower incomes: those over 70 who have a pension allowance below the threshold of 20 thousand euros per year will be able to receive the decoder (which must have a maximum cost of 30 euros) directly at home, thanks to the agreements between the Ministry of Development and the Post Office.

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Electricity and gas bills in 10 installments in 2022 against price increases. The TV bonus has been extended

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