Draghi, the live broadcast: «Come on no vax most of the problems. Schools must be protected: Dad creates inequalities “

Vaccines, super green passes and schools: the words of the premier Draghi at a press conference from Palazzo Chigi. The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, spoke from 6 pm on Monday 10 January 2022 in direct in a press conference on the latest anti-Covid measures adopted by Government.


«I invite all Italians to do the third dose of vaccine»Began on premier. “The school must be protected and if we have acted with different policies than in the past it is only thanks to vaccines: Dad creates inequalities”.

“A year that we must face with realism, prudence but also trust and above all with unity” Draghi continued. «We must not but lose sight of an observation, most of the problems we have today depend on the fact that there are unvaccinated people. So there is yet another invitation to all Italians who have not vaccinated themselves to do so, even with the third dose ». The obligation of vaccines for over 50s “we did it on the basis of data, essentially, which tell us that those over 50 run greater risks, two thirds of the intensive care units are employed by the unvaccinated”

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“We have every reason to think that we will succeed again this time” said the prime minister, Mario Draghi, at a press conference. “We have faced many challenges, we have overcome them thanks to the determination, the commitment of citizens, social partners, institutions, Parliament”

“The school is fundamental for democracy, it must be protected, protected, not abandoned. Thanks »to the minister, the teachers, the parents,« for the efforts of today and the coming weeks and months »reported Draghi on the subject of school. The premier then stressed that he will not answer questions relating to the upcoming elections for the Head of State.

«They say that Draghi no longer decides? Here we show that the school remains open, it is a priority, it was not the way in which this issue has been addressed in the past – explained Draghi live -. The experience of these 11 months was the experience of a very large majority, in which it is necessary to accept diversity of views, but not mediation at all costs. But for some very important measures, unanimity is important as long as the result makes sense. It is clear that there are differences and differences of opinion but they have never been an obstacle to government action “».

The Ministers of Health, Speranza and of Education Bianchi and the coordinator of the Cts Locatelli also participate.


«To date, 6% of teachers are absent because they are positive or in quarantine, while students are 4.5%. We are monitoring the situation because we have worked carefully, we have not been stopped ». Thus the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi, at a press conference at Palazzo Chigi, adding that the teachers suspended because they are not vaccinated are 0.72%.

«We are not relying on chance but the choices made are paying off. We are acting responsibly by also regulating the dad which is a useful tool and must be integrated into the school’s educational plans – said the Minister of Education, Patrizio Bianchi -. The dad is a useful tool if measured at specific times and integrated into the school’s educational plans. The municipalities that have made an order to close the schools are 3.07% of the total number of municipalities “.

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Draghi, the live broadcast: «Come on no vax most of the problems. Schools must be protected: Dad creates inequalities ”

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