“Doc – In your hands”: new episodes on Thursday. Luca Argentero & Co in “war” against Covid

“Doc – In your hands”: new episodes on Thursday. Luca Argentero & Co in “war” against Covid. Produced by Lux Vide in collaboration with Rai Fiction, directed by Beniamino Catena and Giacomo Martelli, the series starring Luca Argentero, talks about hope and tells the experience of illness, like that of a second chance.

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After the great success of last season, from Thursday 13 January, back on Rai1 in prime time at 21.25, “Doc – In your hands”, the fiction – Eight evenings, sixteen episodes – taken from a true story, told in “Meno dodidci” by Pierdante Piccioni and Pirangelo Sapegno with the new vicissitudes of Dr. Andrea Fanti, head of the Internal Medicine department of the Ambrosiano Polyclinic, to whom a blow of a gun erased twelve years of memory. Because of this amnesia, Dr. Fanti had to rebuild his life step by step.


Together with Luca Argentero we will meet again the colleagues Matilde Gioli, Pierpaolo Spollon, Alice Arcuri, Sara Lazzaro, Simona Tabasco, Alberto Malanchino, Beatrice Grannò, Marco Rossetti, Elisa Di Eusanio, Silvia Mazzieri, Giovanni Scifoni, Gaetano Bruno, Gianmarco Saurino and Giusy Buscemi


In the first season, viewers saw “Doc”, as everyone calls him, rediscover the beauty of ward work, also revolutionizing the approach to care. Having abandoned the cold and detached attitude that he had as primary, Dr. Fanti returns to being an empathic doctor, completely dedicated to listening to the patient, and better, to be precise, a “doctor with limitations”. Because Doc, given his peculiar condition, has not been fully reintegrated into the hospital staff and can only have the role of a simple assistant to the trainees. In his private life, on the other hand, Fanti is divided between two women: Agnese, the wife from whom he did not remember he was divorced and whom he continues to love, and Giulia, the assistant with whom he discovered that he had started a relationship, but whose after accident, he didn’t even know the name anymore. Doc has found his new family and a new balance of life in the ward.


And this is where viewers find him at the start of the new season, unaware as everyone else, of the kind of storm is about to arrive: the worst pandemic of the last hundred years, the first in the history of global extension, with Milan as the world epicenter. He and his colleagues, like all Italian doctors, will face the Covid emergency, but without lingering on the critical phase of the health emergency, the goal will be, rather, the return to normal after the end of the pandemic.
Doc and his department, after having been at the forefront of the war against Covid, in fact, they will begin to take care of patients who rely on them in search of a diagnosis and a cure with all the empathy they are capable of. Each of the protagonists will have to start a new life. And in the great adventure of returning to normal, the stakes will no longer be only the future of Doc, but the future of the entire department, threatened in its very existence.


After the arrest of Marco Sardoni, in fact, the new head physician wants to transform the internal medicine department into a supervisory center against future pandemics. Doc understands the concerns of the new head physician, but tries to show him how the medicine he pursues risks being dehumanizing, while even if with the fear of contagion, the relationship between a doctor and his patient remains crucial.
To defend his team and his working method, focused on narrative medicine and on the empathic relationship with patients, Dr. Andrea Fanti understands that the only possibility is to face a difficult path of medical and psychological tests that allow him to recover its true role. And go back to being primary. But for this, in addition to having to recover the progress made by medicine in the last twelve years, he must come to terms with his prefrontality, the condition resulting from his accident, which leads him to say everything that goes through his head, without filters. : a luxury that he could no longer afford. But that’s not enough: Andrea Fanti also has to deal with the sense of guilt for something that happened at the worst moment of the emergency and that everyone tries to keep hidden, like an unmentionable and terrible secret. Doc, in its second season, is the first Italian “medical” to tell, with realism and hope, the new life that awaits us after the pandemic.

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“Doc – In your hands”: new episodes on Thursday. Luca Argentero & Co in “war” against Covid

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