Diego’s brother Hugo Maradona died: struck by a heart attack at the age of 52

Hugo Maradona, brother of Diego Armando Maradona, died this morning in his home in the province of Naples. Hugo lived in the Flegrean area, in Monte di Procida: the brother of the pibe de oro died due to a cardiac arrest inside his home: his disappearance comes just over a year after the death of his brother, which took place in Argentina on November 25, 2020.

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Who was Hugo Maradona, Diego’s brother

After ending his career as a footballer, Hugo Maradona had decided to return to live in the city he had met thanks to his brother and had settled in the small town of Monte di Procida, on the Phlegraean coast, a few kilometers from Naples. Maradona junior was bought by Napoli in 1987, when he was 18, and played a single match for the Azzurri before being shot on loan at Ascoli. His career then continued in Rayo Vallecano, in Madrid, and in Rapid Vienna in Austria, before returning to play in Italy at Ascoli. He closed his career in the following years in Japan and Canada and then started a new page as a coach first in a football school and then with small teams of the amateur series in Campania.

Maradona lived in Monte di Procida with his wife, while his three children live in the US. His lawyer, Angelo Pisani, who had assisted him in legal initiatives in defense of his elder brother’s name, remembers him as a sportsman still in business. “He led a healthy life and remained active in the world of football,” he says. At the last municipal elections in Naples he had been offered a candidacy with the center-right civic candidate Catello Maresca, but he had not accepted, also due to problems related to Italian citizenship not yet acquired.

The last interview with I read: “Truth about Diego”

A few weeks ago, in an interview with I read, Hugo said he was still trying to find out the truth about his brother’s death. «I cry every day. Indeed more. I cannot accept the fact that he went away in the absurd way that we all know », he said in the interview with our Marco Lobasso. “I want justice and the truth about my brother’s death. The guilty will have to pay “

The mayor: “A kind and respectable person”

“A kind and respectable person, we were proud to have had him here on our territory, in our community.” Thus the mayor of Monte di Procida, Peppe Pugliese, comments the news of his death to the Adnkronos. Hugo Maradona he had lived for several years with his wife in the small town of Campi Flegrei, in the hamlet of Miliscola almost on the border with the town of Bacoli. «I got to know him – says Pugliese – even if he has always led a very private life and we have always respected his spaces. He chose a beautiful neighborhood where he benefited from great tranquility ».

The condolences of Napoli

The SSC Napoli expresses its condolences for the death of Hugo Maradona, the younger brother of Diego Armando, who died this morning in his home in Monte di Procida due to a cardiac arrest. “The president Aurelio De Laurentiis, the vice president Edoardo De Laurentiis, the managers, the technical staff, the team and the whole SSc Napoli gather around the Maradona family and join in the pain of the death of Hugo”, reads a company note.

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Diego’s brother Hugo Maradona died: struck by a heart attack at the age of 52

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