“David Sassoli died of the vaccine”: the shameful looting of the no-vax on social media

David Sassoli in the sights of the no-vaxes after his death. For several months now on social networks (Facebook, but also Twitter) with every death follows the horde of no-vax comments: whether it’s a heart attack or a sudden illness, leukemia, cancer, pneumonia, even a car accident, dozens of users storm the posts to carry on their idea. And try to convince the reader that that person did not really die of a heart attack, or of cancer, or of pneumonia, but of the fault of the anti Covid vaccine.

Mattarella: «Leave a void». Draghi: “Symbol of balance and humanity”

This looting which has been going on for some time, speculating on people’s fear, has not even spared David Sassoli, the president of the European Parliament who passed away last night at the age of 65. Sassoli had already ended up in hospital in Strasbourg in November for bad Legionella pneumonia – he had told it himself, in a video on Twitter – and a few weeks ago he had a relapse that was unfortunately fatal: hospitalized last December 26, he died in the early hours of today January 11, 2022.

David Sassoli died, the president of the EU Parliament was 65 years old

The shameful assumptions of the no-vax

Nothing to do either with Covid (his pneumonia did not stem from a contagion) or with the Covid vaccine. But for the no-vax, the reality is different: Sassoli, according to them, is only the latest of the many victims of the adverse effects of the vaccine. So off with the usual hashtag #noacorrelazione and with the avalanche of tweets accusing Draghi, the “experimental gene serum”, the third dose and so on and so forth.

In the front row to relaunch the dubious (and shameful) hypotheses, a more or less known face of Italian politics, that is Paolo Becchi, philosopher and ideologue already close to the 5 Star Movement and in recent years very close to the sovereign area. “Respect for the death of David Sassoli – he writes on Twitter – But did he die following the third dose? Is there no correlation? Don’t you even make the autopsy public? Or don’t you even do it? Force people to get vaccinated and die. You are building a sanitary tyranny that has never existed before».

The hundreds of profiles and social conspiracy

But behind the well-known faces, there are fake profiles, trolls, bots: hundreds of users who have hundreds or often thousands of followers, who compulsively tweet all day long on the same topic (vaccines and Covid) and who carry on social media no-vax and no green pass positions. Sassoli is defined as “the communist lover of the vaccine at any cost, hit and sunk – writes one of them – how long will the criminal antics of the government of the worst last?”. «The cause of the immune dysfunction is not known – writes another – but one thing is certain: being a testimonial does not bring luck. He had already seen it ». “The vaccine has not finished testing, we have never seen three vaccines a year with the hypothesis of a quarter, of course they will bust your immune system. You have only one life »writes yet another.

«A serious autoimmune disease, can it be triggered by the use of excessive doses of vaccine? Like three in less than a year? »Asks another user. What is striking is the fact that these people (if they are people, and not automated bots) really speak with the extreme certainty that the vaccine kills those who get immunized: «A no-vax dies of who knows what: he deserved it, so learn, shit, it’s karma, fascist. David Sassoli dies of compromised immune system most likely due to the vaccine: my condolences, he was a good man, condolences, no one like him … “, writes another user, who then not happy increases the dose:” That’s the one which will happen to all of us thanks to the vaccine ».

The conspiracy that can scare the hell out of you

These comments are only a small part of what we read on the web every day: and not only after the deaths of celebrities, whatever the cause, but also in support, as mentioned, of any death, even after road accidents. A violent bombing on a conspiracy basis that often affects unsuspecting users who read: being faced with dozens of comments in which it is assumed that the vaccine causes fatal damage, can lead fear and bewilderment in the reader, who might end up really believing that this is the reality. Because the reader really exists, and it’s not a fake profile.

Celebrations also on Telegram and Facebook

On various Telegram channels and Facebook profiles there are those who openly express their satisfaction with the death of Sassoli, considered by the no vax “guilty” of having expressed themselves favorably on the Italian green pass. “Sometimes very good news. He goes away mr. ‘The green pass is not discriminatory’ Sassoli. Now come and get the others, thank you “, reads a post published on the Facebook page of Ugo Fuoco, one of the promoters of the” National Network Enough dictatorship “and among the organizers of various” no vax “and” no green pass “events carried out in Naples and other cities.

“The poor fellow was fucked too, he made the pricks real unlike his other snack companions”, “He led the flock to the abyss and he fell there too”, “If the torturer of your life dies, if the killer of your children dies it’s always a good thing. God wills it God is in us and with us ”, these are some of the comments on the post published by other users.

On the same tone the messages published in the Telegram channel “No green pass” which has over 3,700 members: “Sassoli died, very well indeed, even if it had happened at the hands of others”, reads a message and another user presses: ” We remember that he was ill after the injection but they do not say it ». The counter-answer is: “They will never die enough to avenge all the people murdered at the hands of those like him who participated in the vid fraud.”

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“David Sassoli died of the vaccine”: the shameful looting of the no-vax on social media

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