Dancing, the triumph of Arisa and Vito Coppola: Bianca Gascoigne second, Sabrina Salerno and Morgan third

Arisa wins “Dancing with the stars”. The couple formed by Arisa e Vito Coppola won, as expected, the talent hosted on Raiuno by Milly Carlucci, beating in the final challenge Bianca Gascoigne. Third classified Sabrina Salerno and Morgan. Morgan, after the exclusion from the final, he attacked the jurors Lucarelli and Mariotto who voted against him, preferring the future winner in the semifinals: «Next year I hope not to see you here stealing your salary. You would be fired ». At the time of the award ceremony, however, Arisa declared: “Nobody believed I would get this far”.

Dancing with the stars, Arisa’s triumph with Vito Coppola

In the first heat, totally Christmas themed, the competitors challenged each other. The first couple to go on stage was the one formed by Sabrina Salerno and Samuel Peron, that despite the little hot incident got the better of Bianca Gascoigne and Simone Di Pasquale. Valeria Fabrizi and Giordano Filippo then lost the confrontation with Arisa and Vito Coppola, with the singer praised by judge Carolyn Smith who crowned her “the best performance since you’ve been here”. Morgan, who, before dancing, performed with voice and guitar, together with Alessandra Tripoli beat opponents Federico Lauri and Anastasia Kuzmina.

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Sara Di Varia leaves “Dancing”

After Paolo Belli’s rehearsal as “Dancer for a night” Milly greeted Sara Di Varia, which leaves the transmission after many years and then introduced the classic heat. To be judged first Valeria Fabrizi, who scored 33 points, followed by Federico Lauri who snatched 36, and Sabina Salerno who with Raimondo Todaro brought home the maximum, 60 points and the compliments of the judges and Carolyn Smith: ” The best rumba I’ve seen, it’s very true. You said you couldn’t do it at the beginning, you’re in the final… “. Morgan and Alessandra Tripoli danced a tango to the notes of “Altrove” obtained a standing ovation from the audience and 56 points, while the highly praised Arisa and Vito Coppola obtained 57 points.

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The farewell of Simone Di Pasquale

Paolo Belli is ready to present the last competition in competition: Bianca Gascoigne and Simone Di Pasquale. This performance for Simone will be the last one at “Ballando“:” For everyone – he explained – it is important to make the final and win, it is important for Bianca but winning is also important for me. Our couple deserves the victory because they faced this path with the right serenity without ever creating discussions or making anyone unhappy. We have always made everyone smile and smile is useful. I will dance until the last second for me for her for everyone ». The two performed on the notes of Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez and totaled 49 points. Alberto Matano, in connection from home, awarded the treasure of 20 points brought as a gift by the dancer for a night by Paolo Belli to Arisa and Vito Coppola, then divided at the behest of the people’s jury Rosella Erra with Morgan: the partial ranking of the jury sees Sabrina Salerno in third place, Morgan in second and Arisa at the top. After the televoting of the public Arisa and Vito, Sabrina and Samuel, Morgan and Alessandra with Bianca and Simone continued the challenge for the podium, while the couples formed by Valeria Fabrizi and Giordano Filippo (who however won the Paolo Rossi Award) and Federico Lauri and Anastasia Kuzmina finished fifth with equal merit.

Morgan third place

For the final competition on the podium was first Morgan and then Arisa, the jury decided to grant the victory to the singer with 3 votes 2, a choice then confirmed by the audience vote. Morgan and Alessandra therefore took third position. Morgan controversial with Lucarellie and Mariotto who voted against: “Next year I hope not to see you here stealing money again.”

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Sabrina Salerno third classified

It was then the turn of the confrontation between Sabrina and Bianca Gascoigne: the jury awarded Sabrina but the televoting rewarded the second, giving Salerno the third position with Morgan: “I’m happy – explained the showgirl – to have clashed with Bianca which is good, but I look in the mirror and I know that I gave the best I could give ».

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In the various final challenges to conquer the first place of the talent, Arisa and Bianca then unexpectedly confronted each other, seeing in the end thanks to the televoting the widely anticipated triumph of the singer.

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Dancing, the triumph of Arisa and Vito Coppola: Bianca Gascoigne second, Sabrina Salerno and Morgan third

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