Covid, today’s bulletin 16 December 2021: 26,109 new infections and 123 victims. In Lombardy alone, over 5 thousand new cases

Covid, the Bulletin today Thursday, December 16, 2021. In Italy there are 26,109 new cases of coronavirus compared to 718,281 swabs carried out (while the day before the increase was 23,195 with 634,638). In the last 24 hours, another 123 have been registered deaths (against 129 on Wednesday) for a total, from the beginning pandemic, which comes in at 135.301. 917 patients (+47) are hospitalized in intensive care, while 13,704 are recovered. 3.6% positivity rate.

Yesterday there were 23,195 positive tests Covid identified in 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. On Tuesday there were 20,677. Yesterday there were 129 deaths in one day, while on Tuesday there were 120 victims. Yesterday the positivity rate was 3.7%, up from 2.66% on Tuesday. Yesterday’s figure marks the record of the fourth wave: in Italy there have been no more than 23,000 positives since last April 1st when there were 23,649.

The numbers of the pandemic The healed today are 13,704. Currently positive for Covid in Italy are 317,930, 12,277 more than on Wednesday. The positivity rate is 3.6%, stable compared to yesterday. 917 people are hospitalized in intensive care, 47 more in the last 24 hours. Daily admissions are 101. There are 7,338 hospitalized patients with symptoms in the ordinary wards, that is 29 more than yesterday.

There are no comforting signs from the regions. The Lombardy case is emblematic. There are 5,304 new cases of coronavirus in Lombardy in the last 24 hours compared to 162,728 swabs carried out, for a positive rate of 3.2% (yesterday 3.5%). 146 are hospitalized in intensive care (+1), while those in ordinary wards are 1,185 (-4) – Twenty victims for a total of 34,668 in the region since the beginning of the pandemic. As regards the provinces, there were 2,016 new cases in Milan, of which 811 in Milan city, Bergamo 321, Brescia 533, Como 331, Cremona 168, Lecco 119, Lodi 131, Mantua 185, in Monza and Brianza 391, in Pavia 244, in Sondrio 84 and in Varese, finally, 516.

Ecdc maps, only Sardinia, Puglia and Molise in yellow

Sardinia, Molise and Puglia in yellow, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Province of Bolzano in dark red, the rest of the Peninsula in red. It is the updated snapshot of Covid infections according to the map of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (Ecdc). The dark red, which indicates a sharply increasing incidence of new cases, still covers a large part of the Iberian Peninsula, France, Germany, Benelux, Greece and all of Central and Eastern Europe with the exception of Romania, where there are the only “green” regions in Europe, and Bulgaria, in red.

Sileri: “With Omicron it is possible to reduce the duration of the Green pass”

With the Omicron variant «an adaptation of the Green pass could be needed and, given the reduction in the protection of the» anti-Covid «vaccine after the second dose, a reduction in the duration of the green certificate could be necessary. But I would wait for conclusive data ». Thus the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri, guest of ‘TimeLine’ on SkyTg24, answered a question about the need or not for a revision of the duration of the Green pass, now set at 9 months. “Italy makes an enormous effort to sequence positive cases” at Covid in search of new variants such as Omicron, “but it is clear – said Sileri – that a greater effort must also be made in investments. We should double or triple the sequencing. ”

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Covid, today’s bulletin 16 December 2021: 26,109 new infections and 123 victims. In Lombardy alone, over 5 thousand new cases

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