Covid, the new government measures: vaccination obligation for over 50s, basic pass to go to hairdressers, post offices and shopping centers

The Council of Ministers unanimously gave the green light to the new Covid decree law which introduces the compulsory vaccine for the over 50s. Super green pass at work for the over 50s, compulsory vaccine for the non-working population over 50 years of age. And after mediation in the CDM, the basic Green pass will suffice for services and shops.

For access to personal services, shops, banks and public offices, the Green pass, which is also obtained with the swab, as well as for vaccine or recovery. This is the result of the compromise which, according to what is learned, would have been reached in the Council of Ministers after the opposition of the League the introduction of the Super Green pass, reserved only for vaccinated or recovered people, for services and shops.

The draft of the decree provided for access to these services with the Super pass but there would be an agreement to modify it and allow access even with tampons. Booster for the age group 12-15, Aifa ok: “After at least 4 months from the conclusion of the primary cycle”

With 2022 just begun, the government passes a new decree to stop the advance of Omicron. For the first time, according to the latest draft, the obligation of the vaccine would be introduced by age group, that is, from fifty years upwards. The super Green pass, on the other hand, would be extended practically throughout the world of work, again for the over-50s, but also in other new areas. Here are the provisions contained in the draft of the new provision.

VACCINE OBLIGATION FOR OVER 50 – In Italy anyone over the age of 50 must get vaccinated, in order to protect “public health and to maintain adequate safety conditions in the provision of care and assistance services”. The obligation is valid until June 15th. Cases of “ascertained danger to health”, certified by the general practitioner or by the vaccinator, are exempt.

SUPER GREEN PASS TO WORK OR NO SALARY – Starting from February 15th, public and private workers – including those in the judiciary and magistrates – who have reached the age of 50, will have to show at work the Super Green pass, which is obtained with the vaccine or with healing from Covid. Those who do not do so will not receive the salary but will keep their job and will be considered “unjustified absentee, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to keep the employment relationship, until presentation”. Access to workplaces without a certificate attesting to vaccination or recovery is prohibited and those who do not respect the prohibition will suffer an administrative fine between 600 and 1500 euros. All companies, therefore without exception to the total number of employees, will be able to replace workers suspended because they do not have green certification. The replacement is renewable for ten days until March 31, 2022.

DISCUSSION IS ABOUT THE STRENGTHENED LET PASS FOR BANK AND HAIRDRESSER – the draft provides, but on this point the discussion is ongoing, that from 20 January until 31 March 2022, to go to the hairdresser or beautician, and for access to all other personal services, you need the Super Green pass. From 1 February, the measure, again according to the draft, also applies to access to shops, public offices, post offices, banks and other places, such as shopping centers, except for those activities necessary for the essential and primary needs of the person, such as pharmacies, grocery stores and supermarkets.

HIGHER WITH 3 INFECTIONS, NON-VACCINATED IN DAD – At elementary schools, with only one contagion, the class remains in attendance with verification testing, but with two it goes all in Dad. In high school and middle school, Dad would start only in the fourth case in the classroom, while with three cases only the vaccinated would remain in the presence and in any case monitored (Dad for the unvaccinated). Even in high school, with up to two cases, self-monitoring is provided for everyone and Ffp2 use. This is the government’s proposal on measures for quarantines, in view of the return to class in January. This is what the draft of the decree on the new anti-Covid measures provides.

FREE TEST FOR STUDENTS IN SELF-SURVEILLANCE – In first and second grade secondary schools, students who have to carry out self-surveillance can be tested for free. For this type of measure, the Commissioner for Emergency has authorized the allocation of 92 million and 505 thousand euros until 28 February.

Last updated: Wednesday 5 January 2022, 21:06


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Covid, the new government measures: vaccination obligation for over 50s, basic pass to go to hairdressers, post offices and shopping centers

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