Covid Italia, today’s bulletin Thursday 6 January 2022: over 200 thousand new infections and 198 deaths

Covid Italy, today’s bulletin Thursday 6 January 2022. The data says new infections and deaths in the last 24 hours. The data arriving in the afternoon from the Ministry of Health.

In the last 24 hours Italy records 219,441 new cases of coronavirus compared to 1,138,310 swabs (the previous day there were 189,109 new cases out of 1,094,255 tests). This was reported by the Ministry of Health, according to which i 198 are dead (Wednesday they had been 231). The discharged and healed are 46,770.

Intensive care admissions (+39) and admissions to Covid wards (+463) are increasing. The positivity rate stood at 19.3% (it was 17.3%). 1,593,579 are currently positive at Covid in Italy, 172,462 more than yesterday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the total cases are 6,975,465 and the deaths 138,474. On the other hand, the discharged and healed are 5,243,412.


New ‘record’ of daily coronavirus infections in Veneto, with 18,129 cases in 24 hours, bringing the total of infections since the beginning of the pandemic to 721,879. The regional bulletin also reports 14 deaths, with the total number of victims rising to 12,487. Numbers on the rise also for the current positives, which are 151,214, 14,491 more than yesterday. On the other hand, hospitalizations both in the non-intensive area, which number 1,325 (-70), and in intensive care 202 (-9), decreased.

Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, in Emilia Romagna 627,222 positive cases were recorded, of which 18,413 more than yesterday, out of a total of 62,472 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. 140 patients are currently hospitalized in intensive care in Emilia-Romagna (-1 compared to yesterday); the average age is 62. Of the total, 109 (therefore 77.9%) are not vaccinated (zero doses of vaccine received, average age 60.4 years), while the remaining 31 are vaccinated with a full cycle (average age 67 years). As for the patients hospitalized in the other Covid departments, there are 1,744 (+122 compared to yesterday). In the data communicated today to the Ministry of Health, to the 18,413 new cases today, another 20,115 positive cases were added between 27 December 2021 and 3 January of this year. These are the data ascertained at 12 today relating to the trend of the epidemic in the region. As for the total number of people healed, they are 3,536 more than yesterday and reach 456,114. There are 24 deaths: two in the province of Parma (two women aged 90 and 97); two in the province of Reggio Emilia (two women aged 82 and 99); three in the province of Modena (a man aged 95 and two women aged 86 and 95), seven in the province of Bologna (three women aged 74, 81 and 98, and four men aged 67, 82, 83 and 86) , four in the province of Ravenna (four women aged 76, 81, 87 and 89), three in the province of Forlì-Cesena (a woman of 90 and two men of 73 and 91). Finally, the last three deaths concern the province of Rimini, three women aged 66, 72 and 73.


In Tuscany there are 17,286 new Covid cases (6,247 confirmed with molecular swab and 11,039 by rapid antigen test), which bring the total to 463,023 since the beginning of the Coronavirus health emergency. New cases are 3.9% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 1.6% and reached 309,793 (66.9% of total cases). Today, 22,889 molecular swabs and 52,635 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of which 22.9% were positive. On the other hand, 22,931 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular swabs, excluding control swabs), of which 75.4% were positive. The currently positive are 145,614 today, + 9.4% compared to yesterday. The hospitalized are 1,001 (40 more than yesterday), of which 98 in intensive care (8 more). Today there are 18 new deaths: 8 men and 10 women with an average age of 85.5 years. These are the data – ascertained at 12 today on the basis of the requests of the National Civil Protection – relating to the progress of the epidemic in the region.


There are 5,558 new coronavirus cases in Puglia out of 75,641 recorded daily tests (with an incidence of 7.3% on tests). There were also another 8 deaths which bring the total number of Apulian victims to 7,001 since the beginning of the pandemic. The exploit of cases is in the province of Bari (2,333). The provinces of Lecce (1,022), Foggia (642), Bat (634) and Brindisi (568) were also very affected. In Tarantino there were 226 new infections, 114 residents outside the region and 19 in an undefined province. Currently positive people are 45.648, those hospitalized in non-critical area 384 slightly increased compared to yesterday, while the number of those hospitalized in intensive care remains stable (38).


Infections continue to run in Sardinia, where in the last 24 hours a new record has been reached: 1,296 (+57) confirmed cases based on 3,976 people tested. There are also two further deaths: a 67-year-old woman residing in the province of Nuoro and an 89-year-old man from the province of Sassari. A total of 20,093 swabs were processed, including molecular and antigenic, for a positive rate of 6.4 per cent against 6.7 at the last detection. The patients admitted to the intensive care units are 22 (+3), those in the medical area 173 (-1). The number of people in home isolation rose, in all 12,164 (+1,039).

Forty-eight of the deaths reported in today’s coronavirus data update bulletin were related to recent days. The region Sicily announced that eight deaths reported today refer to January 4, January 19 to January 3, one to January 2, one to January 1, two to December 31 and one to December 27. The region Campania announced that 15 of the deaths recorded today date back to a period between 8 December and 2 January. And also one of the calculated deaths in Abruzzo refers to the previous days. The increase in victims, in the last 24 hours, is 231 in total but 48 deaths therefore refer to the previous days.


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Covid Italia, today’s bulletin Thursday 6 January 2022: over 200 thousand new infections and 198 deaths

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