Covid Christmas Bulletin: 144 deaths and almost 55 thousand more cases, the positives exceed 500 thousand

Coronavirus in Italy, the bulletin of Saturday 25 December 2021 of Ministry of Health: i new positives recorded in the last 24 hours are 54,762 out of 969,752 swabs (yesterday they were 50,599 out of 929,775 swabs). 144 are the dead today (yesterday there were 141). With 14,851 discharged and healed in addition the currently positive that’s 500,466, 39,792 more than yesterday when there was an increase of 30,645 units.

Covid Lazio, the Christmas bulletin: 4,171 cases (half in Rome) but only 4 deaths

The rate of positivity is today at 5.64% (yesterday it was at 5.44%). The total number of coronavirus victims in our country since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 136.530​.

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Covid in Italy, the bulletin of 25 December

The total Covid-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic in Italy is therefore of 5.622.431, of which 136,530 dead and 4,985,435 discharged and healed, 14,851 in the last 24 hours. Currently positive patients are 500,466, yesterday they were 460,674, an increase of 39,792 units. The total (most antigenic molecular) swabs carried out today alone are 969,752 (yesterday they were 929,775). The total swabs carried out to date are 135,138,103, while the total number of people tested is 40,214,187.

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Of the total of the positives, 490,503 are those in home isolation (+ X compared to yesterday), 8,892 hospitalized with symptoms (+80), while the sick in intensive care there are 1,071 (+33 compared to yesterday). The entrances in intensive care are now 106 (+4 compared to yesterday).

The regional bulletins, from Lazio to Veneto and Puglia

In Lazio the new positives today are 4,171 (half in Rome, 2,047) out of a total of over 102 thousand tampons, with an increase of 26 hospitalized in ordinary wards (total 947) and 3 patients in intensive care (total 129). The deaths recorded in the last 24 hours are 4. Similar numbers in Campania, where out of 77 thousand swabs there are 4,837 cases, with 9 deaths (of which 3 in recent days): the patients in intensive care drop to 31 (-1), while hospitalized patients with symptoms are increasing (495, 38 more than the previous day ).

The contagion curve grows in Emilia Romagna, with 3,551 new positives out of 42 thousand swabs: admissions to intensive care are stable (107), while the other wards rise (1,142, +23). The dead are also rising, another 22 in the last 24 hours. Surge of cases in Puglia, where on 40,295 swabs 1,671 new positives are recorded: 172 are hospitalized in a non-critical area, 25 in intensive care. currently positivins are just under 11 thousand.

Another day of record-breaking infections instead Veneto, where the new positives are today 5,402, with as many as 24 deaths: however, hospitalizations are collapsing, with 1,188 beds occupied in ordinary wards (-25 compared to yesterday). Intensive care increased to 174 (+11). The numbers are still high even in Piedmont, where the new positives are 3,756 (out of 60 thousand swabs), with an increase in hospitalizations (933, 27 more) and intensive care (80, 6 more). 4 deaths relating to the past few days, none of today.

In Friuli Venezia Giulia (still yellow zone) the new infected are 1,072, with 8 deaths: the number of hospitalized in ordinary wards decreases (259), the sick in intensive care are stable (27). In Tuscany there are 3,438 new cases out of over 53 thousand swabs: both hospitalizations and intensive care are slightly up (+3). No deaths and 217 new positives instead in Valle d’Aosta, a region that sees 26 patients in total, one of which is in intensive care. In Sardinia cases are now 468, out of just under 4 thousand people tested: intensive care is stable, 132 hospitalized (+1), no deaths. In the Market the new positives are 890, out of 25 thousand total swabs: however, the number of hospitalized patients is decreasing (-2), with the total number of hospitalized patients falling to 220, a much lower number than a year ago when there were 458 people in the hospital in the Covid wards .

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Covid Christmas Bulletin: 144 deaths and almost 55 thousand more cases, the positives exceed 500 thousand

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