Closed discos, managers and social networks in revolt: “But didn’t we have to reopen everything with the Green pass?”

The government control room has given birth to the new Christmas decree anti Covid, and the most eloquent news is certainly the new closure of the discos and of dance halls, one of the sectors already hardest hit by the pandemic. Thanks to the vaccines and the Green pass, the first reopening took place only a few months ago, but now it is closing again, after the wave that led to a new record of daily infections and the fear of the Omicron variant rising.

Covid, the Christmas rules: disco closed until January 31, Green pass reduced to six months, third dose after four

The closure of the discos, however, made the managers go on a rampage: «We will go back to promoting illegal activities and dancing everywhere except where there is a license that allows it. This is a persistence towards our category. In this way, entire families like ours are placed in ‘quarantine’. 400 thousand workers in a few days will again be in oblivion, without support, “he declares Paolo Peroli, spokesperson for the Territorial Merchants Committee, an association that brings together most of the dance clubs in Milan.

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“We have followed every directive and every protocol, verifying the Green passes and monitoring the staff, we have made the ballrooms safe and Covid free places, we have reset the way we work to save our companies and the future of our families by protecting the customer safety and health and now the government closes us, ”adds Peroli. “The legislation, among other things, is not clear and creates continuous discrimination against our sector, without even spending a word on refreshments – concludes the leader of the Committee -: New Year’s Eve provides our businesses with 15% of turnover annually, not to mention the discos located in the mountain places, in which the evening of the 31st affects almost 50%. It would be appropriate to return 100% of the January proceeds to the activities ».

The protest on social media. But there are those who agree

And even on social networks the protest is triggered, with many users expressing their dissent en masse: for them no disco at Christmas and New Year, as already a year ago. «But then discos closed? Yet Hope, Draghi and company had said that with the greenpass and vaccines there would be no more closures. Who tells them to the managers of the clubs that will continue to lose money? The next to close will be cinemas and restaurants », tweets one user.

“The no discos, events and outdoor parties that can create gatherings no, but the New Year’s Eve home parties with 79 people yesAdds another. “Better herding boys in some tavern than in tampon-controlled rooms. Another victory for the genius of Roberto Speranza », ironizes yet another. «I don’t like discos – someone writes – and I don’t go to them. But to close them now, like this, seems to me a crap towards a sector that is already heavily penalized. Rather it was better to impose mega greenpass or Ffp2 on them and carry out serious checks ».

There are also those who complain of excessive restrictions on vaccinated people. “So, I who did the first and second dose, and despite this, I also took Covid, and now should I get swabs or be restricted? Of course the third dose I’m going to do it in a hurry », a girl gets angry. Among the many comments, however, there are also those who instead share the choice made by the government. “But why with 40,000 cases a day did you want to go as well?” Writes someone. “An unpopular, courageous but necessary choice, Omicron is rampant,” someone else says.

Last updated: Friday 24 December 2021, 12:13


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Closed discos, managers and social networks in revolt: “But didn’t we have to reopen everything with the Green pass?”

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