Chris Brown’s dark side: here’s a tally of his harms

Although he has stood out in his musical career, Chris Brown has also drawn attention for the conflicts in which he has been involved; For this reason, we present you the 10 darkest moments in the singer’s life.

1. At the age of 19, the artist was arrested in Los Angeles for assaulting his girlfriend, the singer Rihanna, in 2009. According to various media, Brown was found guilty and sentenced to five years of probation and community service for attacking her and threatening her with death. Rihanna filed the complaint with the police with blows and scratches on her face; after that, she went to a hospital to be treated.

2. In 2012, Brown and fellow rapper Drake faced bottle butts. The reason for the fight is not yet known, but the two met in a New York nightclub. That was where the situation began to get out of control and although some versions suggest that the friends of both singers started the fight, the truth is that the one who was hurt the most was Brown, receiving more physical damage. Last year, the two reconciled during a Drake concert, after six years of estrangement.

3. The artist nearly lost his probation after being accused of running a traffic light, hitting a woman’s car with his car and fleeing, in 2013. At the end of the incident, the artist’s lawyer reached an agreement. with the prosecution. After that, the singer announced his retirement from the music industry.

4. In 2013, Brown and American singer Frank Ocean had a physical altercation for allegedly trespassing on Brown’s parking space, leading to a confrontation with Ocean and those present there. In the fight, Ocean was called “fag”, but it is unknown who called him that. Ocean decided not to file a complaint for the physical attacks he received.

5. Both the artist and his bodyguard were arrested in October 2013. Brown punched a man in the face who interrupted the photographs he took with his followers. Shortly after, the singer entered rehab for two weeks.

6. In 2016, the rapper was once again in the eye of the storm, especially since he was accused of allegedly assaulting the model Liziane Gutiérrez at a private party in Las Vegas. Through his social networks, Brown published a video where he claimed not to know the woman, but he did it in his own way, calling her “bitch” and “ugly.” Later the artist erased the material.

7. In addition to physical encounters with other people, Brown has also been reported to wreak havoc on private property; Such is the case in July 2016 where the landlord showed some damage and lack of payment during the artist’s stay in Ibiza. The debt, according to the complainant, amounted to 23 thousand euros for the stay and 10 thousand more for the damage caused; Brown denied doing any trash and owed the rent.

8. In May 2016, another Brown victim came to light. This time it was her tour manager Nancy Ghosh, who pointed out the rapper for having cornered her on a bus and assaulting her. After this, Ghosh submitted his resignation and also showed that the former representative of Brown, Mike G, also received a beating. G sued the assault.

9. His behavior and anger management is a problem for Brown, who after receiving therapy to control this problem, was again accused, this time of throwing a brick at his mother’s car after suggesting that his son still needed to improve certain aspects, so the therapy would be prolonged. After this, the artist was expelled from the rehabilitation center.

10. In 2018, Brown again had problems with the law, this after he revealed the eccentric gift he gave his daughter Royalty for Christmas. A baby capuchin monkey was the animal he gave to his little girl, so the rapper was immediately asked for a license to keep the animal. Not having it, Brown had to return the animal.

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Chris Brown’s dark side: here’s a tally of his harms

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