Champions, Villarreal-Juventus and Inter-Liverpool after the repeat of the draw. Psg-Real stands out

Champions League, sensational: i draws (behind closed doors) the round of 16 was repeated at 3 pm, in full, and not in part as Real Madrid requested, after an appeal by Atletico Madrid, due to a sensational UEFA error. “A software error,” explained UEFA before the second draw.

Here are the “new” pairings of the knockout stages of the Champions League (first leg 15-16 and 22-23 February 2022, return 8-9 March and 15-16 March 2022): Salisburgo-Bayern, Sporting-Manchester City, Benfica-Ajax, Chelsea-Lille, Atletico Madrid-Manchester Udt, Villarreal-Juventus, Inter-Liverpool e Paris Saint Germain-Real Madrid.

In the first draw, (the noon draw), theInter had fished theAjax, the Juventus instead it Sporting Lisbona in the first round knockout. The “second” draw was much worse for our two teams, especially for Simone Inzaghi’s Nerazzurri.

It is therefore bad for Inter, who draw Liverpool. Inzaghi against Klopp. Although, the Nerazzurri, now, can play with everyone. Juve is fine, again. Allegri’s team draws Emery’s Villarreal who eliminated Atalanta. Once again the PSG was avoided, which was surely everyone’s bugbear. Real, on the other hand, which has already announced legal actions, has just taken the Parisians. Skip the Ronaldo-Messi duel then. But there will still be huge controversies. There is no doubt about this. Meanwhile, officially, the draw has gone. With the previous mistakes, which were confirmed by Uefa general secretary Marchetti. To avoid them, this time, after the first team drawn, the balls of the possible opponents were manually taken. A little longer, but at least of errors, nothing.

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Champions League, the draw was repeated

After Atletico Madrid’s appeal, Uefa announced that the draw will be repeated at 3 pm. Uefa’s motivation is bizarre, which spoke of an error caused by a technical problem with the software provided by an external provider. However, the draw – for the first time in the history of the Champions Cup – was repeated in its entirety, contrary to what was requested by Real Madrid (which had drawn an opponent as affordable as Benfica and now risks a more complicated match).

The mess: what happened

UEFA made this decision after Atletico Madrid filed an appeal on the draw for the knockout stages of the Champions League. In fact, a chaotic situation had arisen, due to the problem with an external supplier explained by the European confederation with its tweet, due to which the general secretary Marchetti and the organizers had forgotten to insert the Manchester United ball in the draw box. of possible rivals of the ‘Colchoneros’, despite being a potential opponent. An error, which also the English of Sky Sports had asked for explanations in a post-draw briefing, also linked to the previous one with United drawn as an opponent of Villarreal (an impossible possibility given that the teams had faced each other in the group stage) except then be removed (with Villarreal being later paired with City).

Champions League, the (canceled) matches of the round of 16

Benfica (POR) -Real Madrid (SPA)
Villarreal (SPA)-Manchester City (ING)
Atletico Madrid (SPA)-Bayern Monaco (GER)
Salisburgo (AUT)-Liverpool (ING)
Sporting Lisbon (POR)-JUVENTUS (ITA)
Chelsea (ING) -Lille (FRA)
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)-Manchester United (ING)

Champions League, Atletico Madrid appeals

The Champions League round of 16 draw could be repeated. L’Atletico Madrid, in fact, presented a appeal to UEFA asking to invalidate the result of the urn of Nyon. Here’s what happened: Villarreal had been drawn together with Manchester United, but they could not face them as they were in the same group in the previous phase. Furthermore, according to the Madrid club, Liverpool (which could not face Atletico being in the same group) would have been included in the Atletico urn.

Champions League, the position of Real Madrid

Immediately after the appeal of Atletico Madrid, a request came from fellow citizens of Real. The ‘blancos’ asked UEFA, in the event of a repetition of the draw, to resume it only from the moment in which Atletico was released. When the ‘colchoneros’ had been paired with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid had already been paired with Benfica in a regular draw. The request of the club coached by Carlo Ancelotti, of course, is to avoid a worse match than the Lisbon club.

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Champions, Villarreal-Juventus and Inter-Liverpool after the repeat of the draw. Psg-Real stands out

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