Cdm, no obligation to wear a mask outdoors. State of emergency confirmed until March 31st

The cabinet it has just finished e many news he decided. Among all the go ahead at the extension to March 31st of the state of emergency, linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, until March 31. There will be none, however obligation to wear masks outdoors. Finally, the maneuver to counter the increases in bills.

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Green light from the Council of Ministers, on the proposal of President Mario Draghi and Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, to a decree-law that provides for the extension of the national state of emergency and measures to contain the epidemic from Covid-19 until March 31, 2022. As a result of the provision, we read in the official press release issued by Palazzo Chigi at the end of the government meeting, “the powers deriving from the state of emergency have also been extended to the head of the Civil Protection Department, as well as the structure of the Extraordinary Commissioner for the implementation and coordination of measures to contain and combat the epidemiological emergency “. The note continues, “the rules relating to the use of the Green Pass and the reinforced Green Pass and free rapid antigen tests at controlled prices” remain in force. Finally, the decree establishes “the extension, until March 31, 2022, of the rule according to which the reinforced Green Pass must also be used in the white area for carrying out activities that would otherwise be subject to restrictions in the yellow area” ..

The general Francesco Paolo Figliuolo has been appointed to guide of the Joint Top Operations Command (Covi). The Council of Ministers unanimously approved the appointment proposed by the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini. Son remains extraordinary commissioner for the Covid emergency and the decree on the extension of the state of emergency until March 31, it also extends the powers of the commissioner, starting from those of the ordinance.


They will be 3 billion and 800 million euros the resources allocated by the Government for counteract the rise in bills. The Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco, during the CDM explained how they will come leave again resources against stockpiles of electricity and gas.

1.8 billion they will be intended for the elimination of charges system up to 16.5 kWh electric; 600 million for VAT on gas at 5% for everyone; 500 million for the cancellation of charges system on the gas; 900 million for the cancellation of the increase for domestic customers with 8,264 thousand euros of ISEE or large or fragile families.


At Palazzo Chigi, the Cdm did not approve any measure that contemplates a generalized use of protective devices. No provision, therefore, regarding the obligation to use the masks outdoors. The hypothesis circulated in recent days and in the hours preceding the Council of Ministers was to extend the obligation to use masks outdoors, during the holiday period, to the whole national territory. The hypothesis would have been supported by some members of the executive, also in consideration of the fact that several mayors have already introduced the obligation in their municipalities.

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Cdm, no obligation to wear a mask outdoors. State of emergency confirmed until March 31st

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